Emotional Reactions to the Loss of the Book Study

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  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    This is truly the beginning of the end....of the Washtowel Slaveholdery! The writing is now on the wall - and more and more are seeing it. That's my take.

  • quietlyleaving

    disappointment and disbelief in my family.

  • snowbird

    When I first came in - early 70's - the bookstudy was held at an elderly sister's house.

    Her house was immaculate, but hot!!! in the summertime. Didn't matter because she was a genuine soul who adored my little girl.

    We had to walk to her house and hitch a ride back home. She had a vegetable garden with the best collards in the world!

    I feel a pang when I think about those good times we shared. I drove by her house recently, and since her death, it is crumbling just as the WT is beginning to do.


  • sir82

    The more I think about it, the more I think this will drive down morale.

    It is very odd timing. Morale seemed to have ticked up a bit over the past year, leading to a 3% increase in publishers. I think this will deflate a lot of the enthusiasm that had been (at least somewhat) resuscitated.

    What are they thinking?

  • oompa

    Oh yeah, we will miss Sis. Wilbersons basement painted Pepto-Pink, and the wonderful scent of moth balls wafting through the air....the drone of the window air unit and the distant tinkle of the run-on terlit................goodby good times..............oompa

  • dinah

    BFD, a lace doily? That probably would have seen normal to me back then. Now, I could NEVER keep a straight face with a woman sitting up front with a doily on her head. OMG, I'm dying here. Just got the mental picture.

  • dinah

    BFD, a lace doily? That probably would have seemed normal to me back then. Now, I could NEVER keep a straight face with a woman sitting up front with a doily on her head. OMG, I'm dying here. Just got the mental picture.

  • easyreader1970

    As long as the reasoning is somehow justified by the Governing Body, I think most Witnesses would welcome it. And no, it doesn't have to make sense. If the logic has the GB stamp of approval, that's all that needs to happen. Perhaps the only group that might miss the book studies are some of the older ones who don't get much time to socialize outside of the book study. That will be just one more night to spend alone. Meetings at the Kingdom Hall are usually painful episodes where they are knocked down by running children and ignored by everyone else.

    Anybody 50 and under, I think, would welcome the change with open arms. In the 25-50 crowd you have most of the parents who are already having a tough time getting kids ready after school to go to the book study after already working for nine hours. Do you ever see parents at the Hall these days, especially ones who have more than one child that is school age? They have dead, black eyes, like a doll's eyes.*

    Anybody from the 5-20 crowd doesn't want to be there anyway so there will be nothing but jubilation from them. But who cares, the Society has pretty much written them off anyway.

    *Sorry for the Jaws reference. I couldn't help myself.

  • Pwned

    i think you guys are over-estimating the impact. the happiest people will be the homeowners who don't have to worry about having their house spotless and setting up chairs, cleaning up after people's bratty kids, hiding the good china. i'm sure there are a lot of horror stories people have about their house getting trashed, things stolen, etc.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I thought about this for a couple of days and I really don't see how this is going to drive down morale. The CBS (at least in every congo I've been associated with) is the worst attended meeting by far. I seem to recall the last time I saw stats on my current congregations attendence, it was in the 75-80% range of publishers. By contrast, the Sunday meeting was around 110% of publishers (remembering young children who aren't publishers are driving up the percentages).

    I honestly think that this news will be met with relief in public and cheers in private. I know that was the reaction to the cutting of the PT to 30 minutes. There was almost applause when that was announced.

    The only folks that may not be happy are the hard core old timers. But, the WTS knows that they won't leave, so why worry about them.

    All in all, I see this as a move to bring them a little more into the mainstream.

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