I am going to my first meeting at a Kingdom Hall today......

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  • Highlander

    My advice:

    Don't go.

    Find a new girlfriend.


    I agree with Brant. Just hit it and quit it. Then find a new girlfriend. Most likely she'll go back to the j-dubs at some point in her life. At the very least, she'll hang onto a lot of unresolved j-dub issues.

  • Velvetann

    You can never be sure that a person won't go back to the religion if they have been raised in it. I was raised in it, was fading away, met a worldly boyfriend when I was 18, got disfellowshiped because we were living in sin. I eventually married that man and he was very helpful in helping me deal with the emotional upheavel of leaving the cult. We had 2 children and then what do I do, I decided to go back. He was in shock. He threatened to take the kids away from me but I didn't back down. We managed to work it out but often its not the case. I stayed in for 7 years and my marriage was not good while I was in. In my opinion I don't think dating a exJW is a safe or wise choice.


  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open
    You can never be sure that a person won't go back to the religion if they have been raised in it.

    I'm sorry, but you [email protected]%!ng can. :) I was born in and I assure you I will not be taking it up again.

    The ex-JW should be sure and have done sufficient research to be in no doubt. But this is something that can be discussed by both parties.

  • hotchocolate

    Oompa.. the preggo thing had me laughing my arse off... :-) xx

  • hotchocolate

    Hey imissmaine.. I'd encourage you to have your girlfriend sign up at JWD too.. just to seal the deal..

    I loved your post title and lead in too. Very clever. :-) x

  • imissmaine

    Back from my first meeting! WTF! LOL :) Getting some food...then will share my experience!

  • mouthy

    tapping my foot waiting, waiting,

  • searchingforfriends

    I am IMM's girlfriend and I can assure you all that I won't be going back to dubland!!! I have been reading on this site for quite some time and have recently gotten up the nerve to start posting.

    Just remember that I am as about as capable of having a long lasting and meaningful relationship as anyone else that posts on this site.

    It was incredibly difficult to sit through the boasting session, and it will be my last. Still it will provide some good ammo when dealing with my parents. One thing I did get some pleasure from is that I wore PANTS!!!! hehe And what was up with the "new" information??? WTF?


  • Hortensia

    Hi to both of you - so glad you are supporting each other. Born-ins don't necessarily go back - I never did and it has been more than 25 years. Best wishes for you!

  • Gopher

    Hi SFF and IMM, welcome to the discussion board. I think you'll both fit in here and find good support and answers.

    SFF -- you asked about the new information about "generation". In case you asked the question seriously, this was another seismic shift in the WTS doctrine.

    Before 1995, "generation" was a period of time -- as in the generation since 1914 that wouldn't pass away before the end.

    In 1995, they had to change it because too much time passed and the end didn't come. So they then invented the doctrine that "generation" meant all the wicked ones who would be destroyed at Armageddon, whenever Armageddon might come sometime in the future.

    Now in 2008, they've re-invented the generation doctrine. Generation now means the anointed class remaining on earth at Armageddon, whenever Armageddon came. So today's information replaces the doctrine they've been teaching as truth since 1995.

    Isn't it good to be away from that mind-numbing crapola?

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