Athiest what do you believe?

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  • nicolaou

    I don't speak for all atheists - only myself.

    Im just wondering because it seems like you have no hope. Please set me straight.

    I used to have the hope that I'd live forever in a paradise on earth. As a non-believer I have replaced that wonderful hope with the reality that I have only a limited time left, perhaps another 40 or 50 years if I'm careful. After that - nothing.

    I was depressed when I lost my faith and the future that went with it but reality, as harsh as it might be at times, is still infinately preferable to the deluded nonsense of faith. Belief robbed me of life in the the real world for the first half of my existence. it won't take what is left.

    Don't waste what you have investing for the 'life that is to come'. This life really is all there is - and it's not all bad.

  • nomoreguilt

    I am no longer a Theist, I enjoy the life I have now as I have not been given any PROOF of another life to come. I am existing in a body that serves me well and I enjoy all the comforts that it gives me. I have seen NO evidence that proves to me that any other existance is out there. Whether it be a spirit body or a resurrected body. If there were to be a heavenly HOPE, then what satisfaction would there be to living that way?

    Theism makes absolutely no sense to me any longer. Live your life now and enjoy every waking day of it.


  • Gopher

    Gladiator, let me make a slight correction to this:

    my understanding is that, in matters pertaining to the existence of a God, Atheists do not believe.

    An Agnostic, on the other hand, has not uncovered sufficient evidence to have belief in a God.

    You nailed it when you said atheists do not believe. There are two kinds of atheists -- strong ones, who say that belief in god or gods is dangerous and/or foolish (and these are the minority of atheists), and weak ones, who say there simply isn't enough evidence of a god or gods to really believe. Agnostics say it's impossible to know. In reality, everyone on earth is agnostic -- because unless they can definitively prove or disprove a god's existence (which currently cannot and has not been done), you simply don't know.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I believe spiritualism is psychotic and delusional

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    I hope to live a satisfying and enjoyable life with my special someone, have some kids without imposing baseless beliefs on their minds, and die at a reasonable age for a human being.

  • marmot

    I'd also like to know what "hope" you speak of. I don't believe there's anything supernatural interfering in our lives and judging us based on actions in order to dole out gifts after death, so I believe it's important to enjoy life and make it enjoyable for others and our descendants. Simple, no?

    As for death, I don't fear it. If you think about the actual atomic make-up of your body, the raw materials for your atoms were floating around this universe for billions of years until they were forged into atomic elements in the bellies of stars and drifted into this lump we call earth, then a few more billion years of interacting with each other until we got this wonderful little glimpse of life (yes, 70 to 100 years is insignificant on a cosmic time scale), then we go back to being elements in a big recirculating system for who knows how many more billions of years.

    Stars burn out and die, why shouldn't we?

  • MissingLink

    I hope to live out the rest of my years with a mind open to any possibilities. I hope to make the best of my short time here and really have some good times. I hope to give my children a good start on their own lives, and be there to support them for as long as possible.

    If anything happens to me after I die, well then that's a bonus. I'm not going to waste time now thinking or worrying about it now.



    You have made a good point. I thought about whether to reply, as it unusual for me to talk to what appears to be a giant beaver, but decided to Gopher-it.

    As I understand it - Atheists are adamant there is no God.

    Agnostics like to sit on the fence waiting to be convinced but are more lay back about the whole fiasco than Religionists and Atheists.

    I have many gods but none of them are real. It suits me that way, as I am good at fantasising!

  • Satanus

    While i don't believe in your bible god, i do think that we are spirit that carries on after the body dies. Not scientific, but, my own experiments have shown me that it could very well be so.


  • real one
    real one

    I believe in facts and evidence, regardless of whether this gives me hope or not. I have no interest in false hope. I do not make up my mind to believe whatever makes me feel the best. I can believe all day that I am an immortal billionaire that every woman on Earth finds absolutely irresistable, and that may make me feel fantastic, but it wouldn't make that true. It would make me delusional.

    “A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence” - David Hume

    Are you saying i have false hope? well i dont. Christianity is built on foundations of centuries of evidence that have been proven through prophesies. Man has access to God if he so chooses. many dont of course and live a life with little possibilities. My relationship with Jesus leads me to endless possibilities. things i cant even imagine. do i sound delusional, well good then. i guess im crazy to you but thats ok. i have a very open mind, do you?

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