Athiest what do you believe?

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  • real one
    real one

    Im just wondering because it seems like you have no hope. Please set me straight.


    Isn't this question an oxymoron?

  • real one
    real one

    so are you saying you believe nothing?

  • DanTheMan

    Hope for what?


    real one

    I never said I was an Atheist but my understanding is that, in matters pertaining to the existence of a God, Atheists do not believe.

    An Agnostic, on the other hand, has not uncovered sufficient evidence to have belief in a God.

    Believers claims that they have, or that they don't need evidence to believe, just faith.

    So if you are asking Atheists to tell you what they believe in, in matters pertaining to the existence of a God, you might draw a blank.

    May your God/s go with you

  • hamilcarr

    One possible answer --- I would define a non-confessional faith as an all-embracing affirmative yes to human potential.


    by Karyn Milos

    Listening to a song about faith, I think: Do I believe in faith? Is faith a concept relevant to me, to one who has no belief in the existence of deities and demigods, angels and devils?

    What do I believe in? What is my faith, my firm conviction, my passion that inspires and guides my life?

    Faith in this world. Faith in humanity. Faith in myself. Faith in our ability to change our world, influence, make a difference.

    To believe that life is possible, that life is worthwhile, to believe that life is more than "passing through" to a "better world," to believe that this life is worth investing in, this world is worth investing in, we are worth investing in. To believe that living this life fully, richly, humanely, is purpose enough for this brief existence. That we don't need anything more than this life, wholly engaged.

    My faith is in myself and in my world. My faith is in life itself. Mine is a faith with reason, even when it seems unreasonable to persevere in faith. An atheist's faith is not built upon speculations of entities not experienced or seen or demonstrated, not upon mere wishful thinking that there might be more to life than this brief span followed by an eternity of oblivion. An atheist's faith is built upon a reasonable hope, a hope founded in reality, in demonstrable possibility: We know, and we have seen, that people can change their world, or at least their own small corner of it, for the better, when they gather together in good will and cooperation and determination. We know, and we have seen, that sometimes when life seems hopeless, circumstances can change for the better, chance can fall upon us for good as well as for ill. We know, and we have experienced, that the future often does not become what we expected it to become, whether for good or for ill. We know that in the end, the only way we shall find out what lies ahead, around the next corner, is to travel the road that leads us around the next corner. And so we have a reasonable basis for hope, based on the experiences of our forebears and fellows as well as on our own.

    And now there remain these three, wrote Paul of Tarsus, faith, hope, and love.

    And now there remain these three, agrees the atheist, faith, hope, and love.

    Faith, not in a better world beyond this miserable one, but in our ability to better this one.

    Hope, not in the sweet bye-and-bye, but the here-and-now which awaits our sweetening labors to become that for which we hope and dream.

    And the greatest of these, love, from which springs the desire to invest in ourselves, in one another, in our world.

    Do love the world, and the things, and the people, of the world, for love, not fear, is the beginning of wisdom.

  • DJK

    I believe that by the passions of two people, I was concieved and created in the womb. My first breath at birth and there after is all that's important. I can't change the beginning of time and I can't stop its end. In between, I do the best I can.

  • real one
    real one

    ok hamilcarr this statement you have posted is very telling. So they basically believe in the world and the things of the world. they believe that they can make the world better by their own means. yeah ok that makes sense i guess

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Hope is a very diverse concept. What definition are you alluding to……??

  • Galileo

    I believe in facts and evidence, regardless of whether this gives me hope or not. I have no interest in false hope. I do not make up my mind to believe whatever makes me feel the best. I can believe all day that I am an immortal billionaire that every woman on Earth finds absolutely irresistable, and that may make me feel fantastic, but it wouldn't make that true. It would make me delusional.

    “A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence” - David Hume

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