Obama's Comments on 'Small Town' Voters- Sadly, he nailed it

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  • SixofNine

    Oh please Avishai, you're not a country mouse, so quit effing acting like it on this forum. You're 100% liberal, deal with it.

  • MsMcDucket
    Sorry, much better have a redneck @ my back with a gun than most idiots from the city. People from small towns rarely shoot PEOPLE with their guns.

    I hate to say it but you sound like the people that say "I just can't believe this happened in my neighborhood". People acting as if pedophilia, homophobia, illigitimate children, suicides, and murders don't exist in their city. That isn't *smart*. That's ignorance.

  • hillbilly

    Avi... you hit it on the head. Most city folks dont have a clue as to how middle America lives.

    Some stockbroker type liberal from NYC who thinks we need to save the planet ... those guys tickle me (and cost me tax money) Little do they know that we are stewards of the land. If we screw up the valley we go broke.

    I really get a kick out of folks who dont want a pipeline, wind farm or whatever built because it will ruin habitat. Bambi and her buddies move ... and after the paint dries and construction settles down they move right back in. I have a well (oil) being drilled a section over from me right now... the yotes skunks and racoons dont seem to worried.

    Jesus... I had more deer in town up North than I did out in the woods. Critters are resiliant.

    How did Bill and Hillary make $millions the last 10 years anyway. I dont think they made it sitting at Borders signing books.


  • SixofNine

    "Little do they know that we are stewards of the land. If we screw up the valley we go broke."

    And yet many a valley has been screwn.

    SOME of you country mice are "stewards of the land". Some of you are just stupid dicks with unearned pride. Just like your city mice cousins.

  • flipper

    ONE AIR HEAD- Referring to Tatianna as " Titianna " I feel is an extremely disrespectful way to address a woman. I think you owe her an apology. Or is that against your politics ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I think Obama has got what the states needs right now and that is a shot in the arm, if the next administration does not jump start the economy through economic polices

    the states are in some really deep trouble.

    It almost seems like the US, has been run by an inexperienced low IQ ed moron who read the bible to guide him in how to run the country for the last 8 yrs.

  • oneairhead


    Thank you for bringing it to my attention and just to let you know I am a very respectful person. It was a mistake I mistyped and would never disrect a woman that way, so I am sorry to Tatianna. Here in the south we are very respectful folks and simple.

    My politics use common sense and knowledge, unlike the JW's who use no common sense which is what ensnares new converts. Please use more common sense in your politics Flipper.


  • hillbilly

    Six... I have some in-laws who are those stockbroker liberal types... they were livid when my son proposed going to a land grant "ag" college. He ended up at a liberal arts school ... but he even saw the stupid elite attitude of his NYC kinfolk. Michigan State, Oklahoma St Texas A&M and a whole list of other colleges are making great strides forward in enviormental work daily...plus creating ways for us to feed ourself and the world.

    Yea... we have a few stupid dicks in the valley... I would encourage so many city people to see what the Ag Colleges teach and research these days. It takes about 2 years of college these days to ride a horse and keep a cow alive...if you want to make money at it.


  • nvrgnbk

    A wiser man told me long ago... Vote your paycheck... if your broke ...well abotion wont be an issue cause you wont get much Pu$$y... if you dont keep a job ya cant afford a gun... and dont worry about gays cause ya know where your unit goes" Crude sounding but true.

    It's the ecomomy stupid. The only truth Bill Clinton ever spoke.

    Good advice, Hill.

    That's what too many in my area fail to realize.

    When I was a member of a trade union I was shocked by how most of my fellow "brothers" were voting Republican for the reasons I mentioned in the OP. They totally disregarded the information about Bush-Cheney's union-busting ways and voted based on irrational fear.

    Now they're crying about how weak the unions have become.

  • Gopher

    A little off topic -- I've noticed a tactic on this board to bring JW attitudes into the conversation to prove a point about politics.

    JeffT said:

    The small town voters, the wacko religious right that gave us W. are a pitiful bunch.

    I hope they havent destroyed this country, although it looks as though they have.

    Sounds a lot like the people at the KH

    Oh boy -- I guess that really answers the question about whether this country has been irreparably damaged by the evangelical-conservative movement. Just tell people they're like the end-time JW's were --- that'll teach 'em!

    And Oneairhead said this:

    My politics use common sense and knowledge, unlike the JW's who use no common sense which is what ensnares new converts. Please use more common sense in your politics Flipper.

    ...and with just that devastating stroke of logic, he has totally shown that Flipper has no common sense in his political views!

    Resorting to the JW card in political discussions is not fresh, and it is not really relevant.

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