Obama's Comments on 'Small Town' Voters- Sadly, he nailed it

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  • oneairhead

    It may not be true in all cases but in this case it is, money is the root of the problem. If we can control spending and reduce taxes, things will improve. Raising taxes is not the answer as the DEMOCRATS believe with all their hearts. If it is not functioning properly raise taxes is their answer. If we want to get this economy back on track we must support or just vote for the lesser of two evils and that is Republican or Libertarian.

    Otherwise I advise a back-up plan of Costa Rica, Panama, or Bolivia. Tailand has very cheap medical care and very good doctors. But if you prefer to fully scuttle this ship just vote for a Democrat.


  • BrentR

    He will have to sleep in the bed he just made. The US is made up by a huge collection of "small towns" also referred to as "fly over towns". So if he wants to fly over and Sh*& on them then so be it. He keeps revealing himself to be a an inexperienced rookie politician and the more rope he is given the faster he is hanging himself with it. What a brilliant stereotype to probagate. Pure genius.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    If we can control spending and reduce taxes, things will improve. Raising taxes is not the answer as the DEMOCRATS believe with all their hearts.

    And just how else do you propose we pay for Iraq, and the trillion dollar deficit, all thanks to our REPULICAN administration?

  • JeffT
    they cling to their guns

    US Constitution, second amendment

    or religion

    US Constitution, First Amendment

    or antipathy to people who aren't like them

    You mean like city slickers talking about small town hicks?

    or anti-immigrant sentiment

    Strange, people thinking laws ought to be obeyed, or that Amreica ought to be for Americans.

    or anti-trade sentiment

    How selfish of them to oppose having their jobs shipped to India or Mexico or someplace.

  • flipper

    I feel that Obama doesn't play the " political game " of speaking BS just to impress voters. He speaks his mind, the truth about situations , and to quote what Jack Nicholson said in a famous movie quote the statement, " You can't handle the truth, " is very appropriate in regards to the elitist politicians who wish to twist what Obama was referring to. I am for Obama - all the way

  • watson

    I thought he had a very interesting and valid take on the situation. I hope he doesn't get into the political game of spin on this (subtly defending his comments). What a waste of time.

  • watson

    Hillary is already making the expected statements (appeal to the offended "small towners") to sway their votes. "Hillarious."

  • DanTheMan

    God, I can just imagine how this is being spun on Fox and on the AM radio hate machine. Blah

  • oneairhead


    If jut reserve our overseas aid to other countries, reduce pork barrel spending by 1/2 we will be able to pay off the current deficeit in about 10 years. I do agree we that should pull out of Iraq as quickly as possible. A national retail sales tax would cut that 10 years in half.


    I you believe that any politician does not cater to voters, then you are living in JW lala land.


  • watson

    Oneairhead, you need to get with Gregor.....

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