Have we become like those we despise?

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  • boyzone

    OK guys

    Sorry if I came on too strong, I guess there's just so much anger inside me right now that I'm not being very diplomatic in the way I say things.

    I get easily provoked. Its just the sheer frustration of, oh I don't know, everything. All the witness crap I have to deal with every day. My mum has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer yesterday too.

    So I guess this board has been a place to vent.

    Not a good way to start!! And not a good choice of topic to vent about. Really sorry.

    God I could just set fire to a KH, sit back and watch it burn right now


  • *summer*


    Welcome to JWD:-)

    Some here have been through a lot and you seem to be one of them. Sometimes, one reaches a limit and it comes out in anger at whoever or whatever is in the way.

    Take it easy, make yourself comfortable. You will find much knowledge and much comfort in this place.

    Wishing the best to you and your mother~

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, Boyzone

    Welcome to JWD. I hope to hear your thoughts and stories and opinions.
    Great to have you aboard.

    Remember that online discussions are not necesarily personal.
    I don't have any power, but it might be best to just close these threads,
    this one and Jeff's thread about C. Heston. But if that doesn't happen, don't
    worry so much about what is said. Relax and swap opinions all you want.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx Boyzone - that was well appreciated. Thank you. My apologies too. Applied where needed, Welcome to the board. Sorry about your situation at the moment.

    Jeff [holding his hand out in friendly handshake]

  • boyzone

    Thanks Jeff

  • BizzyBee

    Welcome to the board, boyzone!

  • dawg

    I hate you all.... LOL!!!!!!!

  • funkyderek


    AK Jeff and I have just had a small disagreement on the Charlton Heston thread. Nothing important or serious, but it just struck me that in our exchanges he and BrentR have used a couple of lines of false argumentation to get their point across.

    Oh, the irony of the person who posted that defending Michael Moore.

  • Peppermint

    nice to see everyone getting along.

  • mouthy

    nice to see everyone getting along. < peppermint said.

    Oh "aint "I lucky to have such good kids, I send em to their room & they come out shaking hands .I am SO proud of them, Can hang my chest out the window today ,it is a lovely sunny one. GOOD BOYS!!!!

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