Have we become like those we despise?

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  • Honesty

    Wasn't Charlie a GREAT actor !!!

    I really liked his portrayal of Moses in Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 epic.

    It was the first movie I ever saw in a real live honest to goodness theater, complete with foldup chairs, a white sheet for the screen and the best part of it all...

    I got in free with my Mom because I was 3.

    Life was good in East Texas back in the day.

  • mouthy

    Welcome boyzone ..I agree with you in part. I have to thank the Wt for quite a few things, What you say?? Well they taught me to be able to speak infront of an audiunce, I speak in front of many,many people & am asked back so it cant be that bad,,,,quit smoking ,put up with the beating I endured as a JW. ( At the time it helped me ,thinking I was taking those bashings for GOD
    I have not read all the comments YET, I will. But I think when we say UNTRUE things against them ,well it is wrong, for instance ,saying Russell was an adulterer ,a Mason, we dont know that for sure, ( God does) or telling that MOST in the organization are stupid. I dont believe that. But I must read what others say against you. But welcome to the love channnel,even if sometimes the love is sqeezed out.

  • betteroffdead

    but lets remember most of us were or are those "we despise" for years but that doesn't mean once were out things automatically change or change in the many years following leaving we have ingrained and automatic responses and defenses through years of indoctrination. what we are doing here is trying to change and better ourself, of course our old ways are going to come out thats just the nature of the beast.

  • boyzone

    Hi all and thank you for your kind welcome and for your opinions.

    I guess I made an error in the title of the thread. I don't despise individual witnesses (well, some come pretty close) but the Governing Body have the full measure of my disgust and its to them and their methods of reasoning I refer to. I reckon we can all fall into the same trap if we're not careful, especially if we are a type to quickly get defensive.

    I'm not asking whether Charlton Heston was a good guy or whether the public have a right to bear arms or not. Jeff used this as a red herring on the other thread. What I'm asking is when we have differences of opinions, do we resort to false argumentation to back ourselves up? Both Jeff and BrentR have done this unnessarily.

    I apologise to AK Jeff and BrentR as I clearly misunderstood their thread. I thought it was in memory of him as a man. And as my opinion of him had changed somewhat, I didn't think it was off topic. I didn't realise that they only wanted to hear great things about Heston, hence my reference to rose-tinted glasses.

    Here was your first post to an otherwise pleasant thread to that point:

    Thats not true Jeff, I didn't turn the thread nasty. Others were far more vitriolic in their comments than I was. You didn't have to respond to my first comment, I was just expressing a personal opinion thats all. I hadn't intended on commenting further on this thread. Its just Brent took umbridge and came back with;

    Alzheimer’s disease does not exactly allow you to be sharp as a tack when it comes to anwering questions

    to which I replied in part

    If he was able to stand up and rally a crowd of NRA members with long speeches and pithy punchlines, then he was able to handle a one to one interview. If he couldn't because of ill health why didn't his people tell him to refuse to do it? I'll tell you why. Because he thought Michael Moore was sympathetic to the NRA cause and that the interview would be a good PR exercise.

    When he realised MM wasn't as sympathetic as he thought, ole charlie left the building

    To which Brent came back with;

    It tells alot about a person when they stoop to that level.

    Talk about ad hominem! What do you mean by that Brent? What does it tell you about me? How low do you think I am? gutter?

    Just because I don't agree with you. Nice. That was a cheap shot.

    You conveniently forgot to mention that I also said;

    He was a great actor, I loved Ben Hur

    By pointing out his mistakes does not negate the good he accomplished in his life but it gives a fuller picture of the man, warts and all.

    And that does far more justice to his memory


    Heston was an admirable man in many ways


    I lost a great deal of respect for the man. Not as a man with an distinguished career in the acting profession, my respect for him still stands in that field.

    I was trying to be balanced in my opinion. But thats clearly not what you wanted to hear. So Ad hominem and red herrings were used just like the Watchtower does. Its this comparison that really offended you wasn't it? Then I apologise for the offense.

  • betteroffdead

    or maybe your being like the elders in not stopping badgering your point till jeff conceides?(sarcasm implied btw). I think everyones over this by now and it seems like you won't let it go. so let's just agree to disagree and be mature about this and drop it already.

  • boyzone

    .........yeah whatever

    like I care what you think......

  • betteroffdead

    well at least you took the maturity thing to heart.

  • boyzone

    I've just read the Heston thread and Jeff has called me a troll and an asshole.

    You know what? SHOVE IT. I don't need this. Its bad enough having to take insults from witness family and friends without coming online and finding it here too.

    This board is just as bad as the congregation.

    I'm gone

  • betteroffdead

    well once again at least you proved yourself to be something other than a troll and asshole, so good riddance to you and your negativity. EDIT: maybe you should read the thread on narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Peppermint

    Why is boyzone getting a hard time here? I don't get it. And quite frankly it depresses me.

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