somebody tell me something interesting,

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  • beksbks

    Damnit Hillary!! It's not like I don't have a hard enough time making it through the day without worrying about that sort of thing!!! Thanks.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Beksbks, That ship, on the lake Gitche Gumee' was quite heavy.

    With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
    Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty.

  • chickpea

    my kids go to school with the grandson of the cook from the eddie fitz

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Eeewww! Hillary has cooties! And I think one of them resembles Brian Mulrooney!

    My (non JW) good news : I got a new job about a month ago, so mama can afford a new pair of shoes now!

    A family of sea lions swim by my house every morning. BC is so beautiful! (Shamelessly gloating!)


  • Hortensia

    sea lions - wow! one of my favorite trips is to go to San Simeon and see the elephant seals. I love seeing critters. One of the fun things about San Simeon is that on the other side of the highway, away from the beach, you can occasionally see zebras with the cattle.

  • sspo

    Bought a motorcycle and ready to enjoy it for the summer. Don't live too far from you.

  • Hope4Others

    If I ever get to California again I'd like to look you up for coffee. Hell I may even call you someday, I think your a blast. I use to be into

    country stuff the house was full of crap here there and every where, but I got sick of the freaking dusting and ditched it all. I gave so much to

    community living I probably fed a family for several months.


  • R.Crusoe

    If I meet a female and am with her for about 10 minutes, I have a good idea whether I am likely to fall in love with her if we continue to meet! So far this has never occured in my adult life - the mutually falling in love and knowing it! It is my hearts desire!

  • LouBelle

    Tomorrow we are celebrating boobs and I am telling the truth!

  • sweetstuff

    I'm a going to Disneyworld with my kiddies in May, whoohoo, I am SO excited!!! I can't wait, think I am more excited than they are.

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