Newbies & Lurkers - Let's Get to Know You - Please Tell Us Your Story

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Wow, this has got to be one of the best "NEWBIE, tell your story" threads ever.
    I totally feel for Megaflower and Whoknows and the others, too.
    Megaflower, COMBATTING CULT MIND CONTROL was the first book I read once
    I knew I was out. It's helped more than CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE.

    Leftbelow, I did some personal research that continued to open my eyes. I was
    amazed at what I didn't know. My wife is still active JW. I have high hopes and
    will always keep trying to reach her and my mother. I never had to deal with child
    molestation issues as an elder, but I was on JC's where the organization came first
    ahead of the member.

    Mr. Flipper- I commend you for wanting to give people their courage to type their

  • Quirky1

    Mr. Flipper,

    In response, my wife has not been trying to get me to attend. I know she would like me to but I can't do it. But, I do believe one of the elders called my work today. I was busy at the time and couldn't take the call. I know trying to adjust to life outside the KH is different and cannot imagine how hard it is for someone like yourself & "Who knows" who have been in the borg for many years. For me it was only 6-7 years so I still have encouraging relatives and work mates to lean on and help deprogram.

    I am currently giving it all I have to be strong. I have some personal issues I have to work out but I think I can do it.

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Mr.Flipper, and everyone else!



  • flipper

    OTWO- It really has been a neat experience hearing different people's stories of coming out of the witnesses ! Man , I'll tell you, we all have our stories for sure ! I agree with you as you were saying that " Combatting Cult Mind Control " and " Crisis of Conscience " are a must read - I feel for any newly exiting witnesses. It will help them to understand what got them involved with the witnesses in the first place , and help them to not feel guilty about it - as anybody can be conned into joining a " mind control cult " ! Thanks for the props bro !

    QUIRKY 1 - It's good your wife has not been trying to get you to attend meetings. It was really inappropriate for the elder to try and bother you at work though - as that is your companies time where you are earning a living for your family - not the elders time to guilt you into attending meetings ! One thing about the witnesses - is they don't recognize our personal boundaries because they think that anything they are doing is more important than what we are doing with our time. It's really boorish and rude behavior . I had an elder come to my work place after being out of the witnesses for 2 years ; I was stocking antique framed prints in an antique store I worked in. He just dove right in badgering me and making me feel guilty about coming to meetings. I told him I wasn't going to argue with him , and that I was busy. I actually had to walk away from him.

    So be careful dealing with the elders . Be careful what you say around them as they may try to entrap you in your own words. If they ask you the loaded gun question and shoot out this bullet : " Quirky, Do you feel that Jehovah is using the faithful and discreet slave class to guide His organization ? " Just reply that you are depressed and have deep personal feelings you can't talk about. Or, some other evasive answer. If you say NO , then they will try to drag you into a committee meeting trying to nail you for apostasy. So, to keep your relationship going with your wife - don't give the elders any power over you. You don't have to be intimidated by them. You don't owe them any explanation - keep your own counsel and thoughts private . This is coming from someone who has dealt with them ; and I know the games they play. Don't let them play you friend ! Good luck, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me ! Peace out, and good luck, Mr. Flipper

  • dhand

    Hi, im a newbie and this is my first post!! iv been lurking and gathering my thoughts from this site since december last year. i been in the org 30yrs from birth and have been dedicated to it for along time sacrifising a few things on the way, (which i would do again if i believed it was for god, my creator!), but the mind screw-up is when i actually sat back and did some digging (wt library, wiki, then finally here) and realise that god couldnt be in this org. (if he still exsists??) 2 main subjects for me is russell and his great pyramid, and the blood issue!!.. oh ok, and all the false prophecies and dates the org has felt the need to bring up through their short history, and alot of other things! what also hurts is that i still have a desire to serve god correctly, but now have no idea where to look. I came to this conclusion relativly quickly since it seems so obvious to me it is wrong, i havnt been back to a meeting since december. Funny thing is that my wife and parents aint too shocked about this as they cant dispute what i have found either. I have enjoyed reading comments on this site, found comfort and learnt alot, and have found myself helplessly addicted and keep comming back. Your comments have been a valubale learning experience, and im sure there will be alot more of us to come! Many thanks!! Dhand

  • flipper

    DHAND - Welcome to the board my friend ! It is a sobering experience educating ourselves and finding out that much of what we thought was the " truth " was anything but. It is a good thing you have an inquisitive mind and have been willing to open it from the tunnel vision we all had as witnesses. You will find lots of caring people on JWD who have been through similar experiences as you investigating things seriously affecting their relationship with God. I'm sure if you keep digging you will keep finding answers friend. So welcome, look forward to hearing more from you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • SnakesInTheTower

    burning bridges:

    how long am I going to be a newbie? This is getting old!!! - Not the thread, the Newbie tag.

    go play a game of Werewolf on this board... you play enough, your posts will rack up quickly...LOL..they are always looking for new victims ...ahem... I mean players..

    Snakes ()

    Mr. are just too damn cool man..... I love it when you start these newbie threads...

  • flipper

    SNAKES - I appreciate the comments and complement ! However I've always been scared of the werewolf game as I was scared of werewolfs as a kid ! Thought I'd turn into one if I watched too many skeery movies on T.V. ! Or get DFed by my Satanic elders ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    This is a wonderful topic . Thank you Mr Flipper for beginning this thread .

    I am always struck by these new stories. It brings back to my mind how I felt when my husband and I walked away three yrs. ago after a lifetime of being a witnesses.

    Have you noticed just how many new ones are in their forties or more ?

    Welcome to all you new ones, and thank you for your ecouraging stories .

    The biggest thing this site did for me was let me know that I was not alone, and that others felt , and had thoughts the same as I did .

  • flipper

    TROUBLED MIND- Thanks my friend. There definitely has been an increase in people joining the forum who are in their 40's and 50's who just couldn't take the Jehovah's Witnesses deception anymore. I truly feel we all get to our " breaking point ". Mine came almost 5 years ago. But there is power and safety in numbers exiting. The longer time goes by - without any sign of armageddon - expect to see many more thousands exiting the Jehovah's Witnesses cult

  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this thread up for newbies or Junior members or anybody wanting to post their stories ! Look forward to hearing from you, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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