How did you spend the memorial?

by sinis 37 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Quirky1

    Stayed home, and visited with my parents.


  • shell69

    I spent the evening with my ever so 'worldy' Aunt.

    We got slowly drunk and I ended up blubbing coz my mum won't talk to me anymore.

    But hey...


  • lost_light06

    I was with my wife preparing for a huge birthday kegger for her cousin on Saturday night.

    That party sure beat the hell out of going to a Kingdumb Hell and passing around crackers and wine.

    I would say good memories but I don't remember a whole lot


  • Casper

    Hubby and I went shopping, came home a watched a movie........Aaaaahhhhh....Freedom.


  • maxwell

    I only heard that it was memorial about 9 pm Saturday. I went ahead with my plans to check out this very abstract avant-guarde sax player. Music that is an acquired taste for sure, but still much better than being at the memorial. Didn't even think about the memorial while standing there drinking my beer and listening.

  • bluesbreaker59

    I was rockin out on stage with my blues band!!! That afternoon and day I spent with my girlfriend, just bumming around, didn't even think about that stupid, "anti-Jesus fest"

  • Sunspot

    Was it on Saturday?

    We had traveled down to where our grandson attends college. His apartment is small and didn't have enough chairs so we wound up at our motel room taking turns playing Scrabble with my son, grandson, hubby, and two of grandson's college pals. We had a fridge, a microwave and all sorts of extra goodies we did not expect! It was a bitterly cold and windy night, so we turned the heat up, ordered pizza and had a great time. It sure beat the Memorial!

    If it was on Sunday----we all went to dinner, dropped our grandson off at his apartment and then we were on our way home from the Mohawk area of central NY.



  • Layla33

    Went to Target, went shopping, talked to some friends on the phone, surfed the net, made some homemade ice cream.

    Different day, same ...

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