How did you spend the memorial?

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  • sinis

    Personally, I stayed at home (my wife went), made steaks, drank beer, and watched several vulgar/demonic movies in the world of the JW's (Halloween, The eye, Hitman, No country for old men, Saw IV). I later went over to my mother in laws house to meet up with some other in laws - who I saved from the JW's - and talked about how the memorial was a waste of [email protected] time... then drank more beer waiting for my wife to come back...

  • IP_SEC

    in the low sink of debauchery.

  • misspeaches

    I wanted to start a thread on this subject too... LOL. I'm glad you did!

    I forgot it was memorial night, alas alack... But I made plans to go out drinking and dancing with one of my best friends. We had an awesome night out and danced to some fun old skool music. Oh yeah, and I got asked for ID too which was quite thrilling! I'm 33 in a month and over here the legal age is 18. hahaha if I'm passing for around 18 I'm cheering!

    And then I got into work this morning and had an invitation to go the memorial in there. My first invite in 5 years! I'm a fader so it's not like they are not allowed to talk to me... Ah well. too late. hehehe

  • Tuesday

    I dyed my hair, washed my gear, drove an hour and a half to a show and wrestled on it. I got to spend an hour and a half in a royal rumble type match after already wrestling a 20 minute match. I got knee'd in the temple then kicked in the back of the head. Then drove an hour and a half home to find my daughter and cat were sharing my spot in bed and had to sleep on the couch. Still a HUNDRED times better than the memorial.

  • IP_SEC
    I dyed my hair

    'nd yourea dude?

  • Finally-Free

    I met up with a friend for a couple of beers.


  • Tuesday

    Yup I'm a dude who has red hair and doesn't want red hair, so I touched up the roots. I also went to temporarily dye my front streaks purple to match my gear but decided against it when I saw the time involved to do so with no assistance available to me.

    Getting over in wrestling comes from Looks, Personality, Talent. You can't get by on one of the three, you need at least 2 of the 3 to get noticed and if you have all 3 is the only way you'll ever make money doing it.

  • ninja

    I had a few ciders and then had my own memorial........I went crackers and started to whine

  • Twitch

    searched out and cleaned spyware off da PC

    Then I went out

  • AudeSapere

    My guy friend had business to attend to in the morning. While he was out and about he ran into so some witnesses so he asked me if I wanted to talk to them. LOL!!!! Clearly it was a day of special activity for these people.

    We had lunch and then headed off on our bikes for a long motorcycle ride. Nearing sundown we found a little mexican restaurant and had dinner. 40 minutes later we had the bikes back to my house for dessert.

    It was a beautiful day.

    Sunday was better riding weather but we were both pretty tuckered out from the previous day.

    I just cannot imagine having to attend meetings on weekends ever again.


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