Notes From Hawaii-Gerrit Losch Talk

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  • isaacaustin

    hmm, 3/10...that's about when i was able to get them thru my source. Is this Losch trying to be Freddie??

  • WTWizard

    We must be ready to give up all our material possessions? Yes, in a disaster it is necessary. But why prepare people for that by taking them away before they have a chance to enjoy them to some degree?

    Does Losch know what he is talking about? Or is he making it up to make it all look somewhat reasonable? We all know what happens when someone makes elaborate predictions about the end time--they fail.

    More horror stories. Radiation, gruesome and graphic descriptions on how people are going to die--there are children present, Losch! And they do not let people watch R-rated movies, even though those are fantasy.

  • VM44

    Losch likes Radiation!

    I have heard that he enjoys basking in the Solar Radiation while sunbathing on the roof at Brooklyn Bethel.

  • worf

    I still have the wt publication" Your Will Be Done On Earth" book which was released at the 1958 International Convention.

    As you know, that book is a chapter by chapter commentary on the bible book of Daniel.

    Wt says in that book that god "may even use antimatter", to destroy people at armageddon.

    I laugh when I remember such comments now. .

  • Pickled

    Losch's implied private information that he has been given includes these things:

    1. These things that are going to happen to “mankind” are in the IMMEDIATE future.

    2. There will be an International STATEMENT or SITUATION (This wording covers anything at all that could possibly happen in any form).

    3. The STATEMENT or SITUATION will include “people”(mankind) crying out.

    4. Those “people”(mankind) will cry out the words “Peace and Security.”(This is in reference to the wording in a scripture in the Bible)

    5. WE (WTBTS) know by private means apart from just reading the scriptures that this definite occurrence has NOT yet occurred.

    6. We don’t know if these “people”(mankind) are crying out because they want peace or because THEY believe that peace has been achieved. (Again, the scriptures indicate that the people will cry out peace and safety but peace and safety is not there. So Losch is presenting this same scripture in a way that implies private knowledge but also makes sure he sticks to the wording of the scripture so that it can be sited as a source for future defense)

    7. All of the inhabitants of the earth have heard OUR gospel message, thus Matt. 24:14 has been fulfilled. (The WTBTS believes that it is not by reading the Bible that you are able to hear the Gospel message, but instead it is by reading the WTBTS literature[this can be proven with quotes from their own literature]. So Losch is saying that everyone on the earth has had the opportunity to read the WTBTS literature, that is why this scripture has been fulfilled.)

    8. The Great Tribulation has 3 stages.

    9. The accounts of Jerusalem’s unfaithfulness in the Bible was written in the Bible to actually describe modern day Christianity (Christendom). (WE (WTBTS) know that when the scriptures indicate that it was Jerusalem and the Jews who were unfaithful and deserved God’s judgment, what the writer really meant was modern day Christianity and not Jerusalem at all. [At one time the founders of the WTBTS believed they were part of Christianity. Later they decided they were not and began to call it “Christendom.”] )

    10. Political Nations who are members of the United Nations will devastate modern day Christianity. (Losch has not yet indicated whether or not this is part of the Armageddon process).

    11. Political Nations who are members of the United Nations will take a stand against false religions. (This, of course, does not include the WTBTS, so regardless of when or how the U.N. decides to attack FALSE religions, doesn’t that mean that Jehovah’s Witnesses have nothing to worry about at all? This actually means that the United Nations will be acting as a friend to the WTBTS and a friend to Jesus if they go ahead and wipe out all false religions and leave the WTBTS undisturbed.)

    12. Al-Qaeda is not going to attack the WTBTS because they remain neutral in the political world. (Al-Qaeda is only attacking political nations…..not all of those nations who have managed to become a nation without being political.)

    13. Governments will take over religious bank accounts and arrest leaders of false religions. (Again, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are not included in this because they believe they are not a religion but instead the actual organization built by God. They also believe that “Clergy” are leaders of false religions. So again, governments will be acting in favor of the WTBTS, just like a friend.)

    14. The arrest and illegal confiscation of federally funded bank accounts will PROBABLY happen.

    15. They also will POSSIBLY kill them (Clergy).

    16. There will be frightening phenomenon in the sky more IMPRESSIVE than what happened in Jerusalem. This frightening event is LIKELY to happen.

    17. The historian Josephus wrote about a comet that appeared and remained visible for 1 year in JERUSALEM. (Again, Jerusalem now means modern day Christianity).

    18. The sea could also roar and become agitated. It COULD.

    19. All of these things speculated will occur before the anointed dies off. The anointed COULD also be killed in Armageddon. (The WTBTS believes that only the wicked people will be killed in Armageddon. Since the current anointed are thought to consist of only members of the WTBTS this brings into question why the WTBTS now believes that they are wicked.)

    20. The anointed MAY be killed along with the wicked in Armageddon. They MAY also survive into the NEW WORLD. (This New World is not heaven, it is Paradise. So now the wicked anointed will no longer be in heaven with the 144,000 but MAY be in Paradise with the non-anointed instead.)

    21. EVERYONE, including those who believe in false religions and including those who know nothing about the Bible will KNOW that this is the Armageddon that the Bible spoke about. (The scripture is given in reference to “every eye will see him”, however the WTBTS has indicated all along that “every eye will see him” means every eye of the anointed in heaven, and not every eye on earth since it is impossible for people in Australia to physically see something that is happening at the same time in New York since we now know that the earth is not flat. But Losch is now indicating that the scripture means exactly what it says, and does in fact mean EVERY human eye on earth will see Armageddon even though they could not see Jesus at all when he returned, and will KNOW that it is the Armageddon mentioned in a book they have never read. (This indicates that it will be the holy spirit communicating with the wicked, and that creates another set of questions.)

    22. Jehovah MAY use radiation to destroy the wicked. (By applying logic to his previous statements, Losch is in fact indicating that God MAY kill some of the wicked anointed by using radiation).

    23. Members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses will likely be standing on their roof when Armageddon starts.

    24. Jehovah’s Witnesses are to use a ladder or use the stairs that lead to their roof when they begin to see people starting to die from the effects of God’s Radiation, and they are to RUN to the nearest Kingdom Hall. (Don’t drive. Cars are not as radiation proof as you are so don’t use your car when you see the flesh falling off of your neighbor as they fall off of THEIR roof.)

    25. (Because many of the people who are being radiated and having their flesh fall off will be mortgage lenders and customers) you WILL lose your home and your business.

    26. Armageddon will not be the only thing occurring as you are running to the Kingdom Hall. There will also be a test given indicating who had personal possessions in hand while they were running and who did not. The test will be called “How we View Material Things.”

    27. If the Kingdom Hall is not there when you get there, then it was not the Kingdom Hall that you were supposed to run to after all. You were instead supposed to run right into Paradise. (Just run until you find fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses carrying number 2 pencils and no personal belongings)

    28. Jesus said that we would not really be required to show EVERYONE our literature before Armageddon starts. But Jehovah MAY decide to open up new territories just in case we want to anyway.

    29. The United Nations is the eighth and final king.

    30. The 1000 years in Paradise will consist of a very large and dedicated cleaning crew.

    31. The Jehovah’s Witnesses will be the Janitorial Staff in Paradise in charge of discarding all the dead bodies of the wicked anointed who were left behind as well as the dead bodies of the billions of people who were not JW or members of the remaining anointed.

    32. This massive cleaning up is to clear the earth of dead body debris so that the dead who did not die in Armageddon have room to resurrect.

    33. For those of you who were previously encouraged to believe that Paradise was all about petting lions and lambs, you took that too literally. Life in Paradise will be just like it is now in structure and workload, only harder. (However all the evil people will no longer be around to question anything we are telling you.)

    34. WE know through private means exactly how God plans to organize the resurrection. He will do it in stages and MAY or MAY NOT choose to have the resurrected appear in the nude.

    35. Those who died as a result of being eaten by a shark will not turn from shark poop back into complete living bodies at the bottom of the ocean and then have to hold their breath all the way to the surface and then swim all the way to a coast line, NAKED or CLOTHED.

    36. WE SUSPECT that there MAY be SPECIAL HOUSES wherein they can resurrect more practically without all of that effort to survive once they have come back to life.

    37. WE KNOW that resurrecting makes a person hungry. That is why all of YOU who were able to run right into Paradise without any belongings will be in charge of feeding them.

    38. Giant Squid today are able to grow back new arms. Amazonian fish today are able to grow new teeth. That is why the future resurrected humans will not be missing any limbs. (God will use this same miraculous method he uses to grow back a lizards tail to replace the arms and legs of newly resurrected humans. The resurrection alone will not restore these things. It will take an additional process much the same as the process currently used on Giant Squid. So those who accidentally fell into a wood chipper before the resurrection can still be resurrected. However, they will have no arms, head, legs, feet, etc until God uses that secondary process on them that he currently uses to create Amazonian fish teeth).

    39. DO NOT invest in your own personal life.

    40. ONLY invest in things that benefit the WTBTS.

    41. View this as a PIVILEGE.


    43. WE (WTBTS) KNOW that it is going to happen IMMEDIATELY.

    44. YOU will only be spared if you listen to US.

    45. Jesus PERSONALLY told US (WTBTS) all these things.

    46. (If you have no idea how to apply any of this message to your actual life, just convey to all around you the fact that you are worried and feel you need to work harder distributing OUR literature)

  • yknot

    Guess Losch is vying for the "Oracle" position.

    Wonder how many notes Freddie left?

    Most of this stuff sounds like the writers are scamming ideas from the History and Discovery Channels.

  • nomoreguilt

    The WTBTS loves the big hype surrounding these talks. It WILL be in future wt studyarticles, no doubt.

    Same crap, differant day.


  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul
    Wt says in that book that god "may even use antimatter", to destroy people at armageddon.

    This must have a clear and direct, possible relationship to the phasers from that show in the 1960's. The show may have had a definite link to the possibility of signs in the moon and the stars. This was even mentioned in the bible, because the Jewish Nation trekked through the wilderness for 10+ year. (The so-called scholars of this world did not know that the anniversary occurred in a leap year, therefore we arrive at 10 years, not the 40 of worldly theologians)

    Therefore, computers are bad, apostates are evil and the end is close.

  • Pickled

    Some researchers have claimed that excessive cell phone usage can cause brain tumors. That is why the United Nations is gathering all of the cell phone numbers of Clergymen. In the IMMEDIATE future they are going to call all of them and leave them on hold until they drop dead. For now, however, Radiation from a nuclear bomb is cheaper than the cost of all those cell phone minutes.

    I am still trying to figure out why the top of your roof is the best place to be when those nuclear bombs go off.

  • observador

    "We don't know if it will be a desire for peace or a belief that peace has been achieved." If you keep changing the meaning of things, one day one of your interpretations will come true. Think about it: some people, some where, may believe that 'peace has been achieved'. So what? I love these types of talks. The less educated among JWs will be scared to death, but the more intelligent people among them will see through it, and flee like crazy. Good job, WT. So, let Losch go around giving this type of talk. Fantastic!

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