Dress & Grooming for visiting Bethel. scans inside!!!!!11 LOL

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  • freddo

    Oh, yeah - it's on all noticeboards and there is always one (at least) spiritual policeman elder that goes round yappin' about denim skirts in the kingdom hall too.

    I'd love to print out that photoshopped copy above, cut out the pic of the girl in the witch costume and fix it to the copy on our noticeboard when no-one is looking! Someone tell me how to print out just that post - pretty please.

    Oh and another thing! Why can the African brothers and sisters turn up with nightshirts and Quality-Street sweet wrappers on their heads?

  • cyberjesus

    2012 Official dress code for the field service

    2012 Appropiate Convention dress code

    2012 Official Magazine bag

    2012 Official dress code for sisters getting baptized

    2012 Official GB secretary's uniform

  • poppers

    cyberjesus - you are so bad! LOL! I wonder what the girl is knitting - OMG!

  • VIII

    Too funny!!

    How does one get to visit Bethel?

  • watson

    Cyberjesus..as it should be!

  • ziddina

    Ah, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Velvet Ann said: "I visited the Vatican 4 years ago and they have dress codes but not like that. Women have to have their arms covered and no shorts. Men can't have shorts either but they do allow casual...."

    It is so interesting that the WTBTS is becoming more "Catholic" than the Catholics....

    Marking this thead with my comment for future reference...

    And they fuss about LONG skirts???? Oy oy oy oy oy.... Zid

  • blondie

    Can jws dress like this?


  • ziddina

    Hi, Blondie! Someone previously commented on the lady standing in the ethnic garb in the brochure photo with the grand piano - I went back and looked, and sure enough, she's wearing PANTS!!! In the photo one can see the separation of the pant leg at her ankle - below the table that is conveniently hiding her pants...

    I was going to comment - my girl buddies in the S.C.A. who are familiar with Medieval Middle Eastern garb, are very fond of that type of clothing because PANTS [slacks, I guess, to quote Katharine Hepburn...] are extremely common in ancient Middle Eastern garb...

    And if my computer will co-operate, in a little while I'll post an Egyptian wall painting showing what the ancient Isra-EL-ites most likely wore...


  • ziddina

    O-kay.... Here goes, I hope...

    This photo of the Egyptian wall painting is from " Pp 12 of The Complete History of Costume and Fashion – From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day – by Bronwyn Cosgrave. Call letters 391.00962, Front Range Community College Library. Accompanying caption reads: “The Egyptians, originally from what we now know as Ethiopia , called themselves ‘remet-en-kemet’ – ‘people of the black land’. This Egyptian painting (Middle Kingdom, 19 th century BC) shows a traveling Semitic tribe (above) with Egyptians (below)...."

    I find it absolutely hilarious that the Isra-EL-ites probably wore a rather fetching, off-the-shoulder dress or tunic. VERY different from the 14th-century, Muslim-style garments one usually sees in a typical "Bible Drama", onstage...

    Can you just imagine the Bethelites' expressions if these people showed up, dressed like this??? Zid

  • fokyc


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