"We NEVER PROPHESIED about 1975"

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  • Maddie

    Thank you Honesty, I can use this with my son.


  • Honesty

    August 22, 2004 AWAKE!

    Pages 19-23

    Something Better Than Fame


    I had my first radio program in New Castle on WKST in 1945, singing country music. Later I branched out into singing popular songs from the HitParade, which was a weekly network radio program featuring the week’s top ten songs. My first appearance on television was in 1950 on Paul Whiteman’s show. His arrangement of George Gershwin’s "Rhapsody in Blue" is still famous. Soon afterward Dad sold our home in Pennsylvania, and we moved to the Los Angeles area of California in the hope of expanding my career.

    Thanks to Father’s persistence, I soon got my own weekly radio program in Pasadena and a weekly half-hour TV show in Hollywood. I did recordings at Capitol Records with the hundred-piece orchestra of Ted Dale and also became a singer on the CBS radio network. In 1955, I took a musical revue to Lake Tahoe in northern California. While there, my priorities in life changed dramatically.

    I now serve as presiding overseer of a congregation in Desert Hot Springs, California. I also have the privilege of substituting in the circuit work, serving on special committees and, on occasion, teaching the Pioneer Service School.

  • Honesty

    Brother Charles Sinutko is alive and living well (in a trailer park) at the following address which is posted in the Desert Hot Springs, CA telephone book:

    69556 MIDPARK DR


    (760) 329-8635

  • VM44

    This is interesting to read, it turns out that Charels Sinutko isn't sorry for giving those talks in the '60s!

    Moshe calls bro Sinutko- Grrr!


  • VM44

    Re: Favorite/least favorite CO's

    Least Favs: Charles Sinutko...major jerk with an ego the size of Alaska.

  • dinah

    Give me a moment to stop puking.

    At least now I understand why my Mom got dunked in 1968, and raised me up in this GOD-FORSAKEN mess of a religion.

    Now they deny that it was ever important. Lying bastards. I was born in 1968, so I don't really remember this time period. One thing I know for an absolute certainty: My diapers weren't as full of crap as they were (and still are). Thankfully, I graduated from diapers about 38 years ago. Took much longer to graduate from the instilled "thinking ability" I has back then.

    Looking back, I think there was always a little part of my brain that called "bullshit". That's probably why I was such a "bad kid" by witness standards--but an exceptional kid by the world's standards.

    Just imagine hearing how great and wonderful you are from worldly teachers, but having that squashed at the meetings.

  • Layla33

    I am just flabbergasted that any one that was ever around during that time, would actually still remain loyal to such an organization. That's ALL THEY DO is sit around ringing the fear bell about the world ending, they have been doing it since inception and now they are going to LIE about it?! Please don't insult our intelligence.

  • Atlantis


    This is an excellent example Honesty! Thank you so much for posting it!


  • triplestrength

    First of all WELL DONE to Koolaid and those who support you in this protest, and Thank you for representing those who speak out.

    Also They did Prophesy about 1975 I was there! and 1975 was the date that the big "A" was coming no argument. (except it did'nt come...) There were alot of red faces all round, alot of people with BIG mortgages they had no way of paying and loads who had sold up planning to spend every penny by the end of that year. What year oh yes 1975.

    Wish I'd left then


  • penny2

    No wonder the WTS hates the internet.

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