Thinking of becoming a Witness again and my reasons for doing so :(

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    I'm no expert in this field ..... but how is it that these 2 posts have the same IP address?

    reniaaRe: Thinking of becoming a Witness again and my reasons for doing so :(

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    Thankyou layinglow, crusoe and joelybear and chikie my sister,

    I'm still stuck knowing it's jehovah that I believe in, or more precise the God of the bible, so if I break it down into a simple question? how can I find a religion that expressies that in me? your point are cool crusoe but I'm not ready to abandon that yet.

    I certainly haven't ever focussed on armegaddon my thoughts are for the reality of living with the here and now in religion.


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    chikikieRe: Thinking of becoming a Witness again and my reasons for doing so :(

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    Thats alot better. Thanks crusoe
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    Hi Reniaa

    OK I am sorry I accused you of trolling. I don't know if you know but someone frequented this forum for 2 years and told us that his wife had cancer....and this guy took sympathy and money from people....then we discovered that he didn't even have a wife! So I admit to being a bit overly suspicious.

    As to whether I'm Christian or Atheist - well guess what? I'm neither. There are many other categories for someone to fall into. LOL

    I'm Neopagan (trained in Wicca but I don't consider myself Wiccan anymore) and my partner is a Druid.

    A Neopagan religion is a modern faith which has been recently reconstructed from beliefs, deities, symbols, practices and other elements of an ancient religion. For example, the Druidic religion is based on the faith and practices of the ancient Celtic professional class; followers of Asatru adhere to the ancient, pre-Christian Norse religion; Wiccans also trace their roots back to the pre-Celtic era in Europe. Other Neo-pagans follow Hellenismos (ancient Greek religion), Religio Romana (ancient Roman religion), Kemetism (ancient Egyptian religion) and other traditions.

    Most Neo-Pagan traditions have many of the following factors in common:

    bullettheir faith was almost or completely wiped out in the past and has since been reconstructed from ancient information sources.
    bulleta duotheistic or polytheistic belief system (they recognize a Goddess and God, and/or believe in many deities).
    bulletmany followers are solitary practitioners.
    bulletothers are involved in small groups, which various traditions call circles, covens, garths, groves, hearths, kindreds, etc.
    bulletthey celebrate four main seasonal days of celebrations each year, associated with the equinoxes and solstices .
    bulletthey also celebrate four additional days, each between a solstice and equinox.
    bulletthey prefer to conduct their religious rituals outdoors where practical.
    bulletmany do not practice their religion publicly because of the danger of abuse from very devout but misinformed Christians who have associated them with an evil and non-existent form of Satanism.
    bulletthey have a minimal or no hierarchical structure.
    bulletthey have a concern for the environment.
    bulletThey feel close to nature and its cycles.
    bulletThey follow a behavioral code that requires them to avoid hurting themselves or others.


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    i live330 miles away from my aister, same ip my foot

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    I just checked mine it's .....

    IP: 9+KcbLlxI44qCvE/

    not same as my sisters at all :s lol do we even sound alike? I bet if you check our posts you'll we are both are completely different also on internet at same time l0l

  • reniaa

    I have to say honestly I've never heard of it, although I have heard of wiccans, I'll say this for this forum there is a lot of harmony between the interfaiths etc brought together by a common cause I suppose.

    I did once meet someone who had a faith based on dolphins which has got to be one of the obscurest you'll find :)


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    The IP address logged here

    is the same IP as Chikikie!

    How interesting.


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    Sirona it is some sort of tech error, I have known about this site for 7 years and have PM'd simon, because i am worried i may get banned, I have been on and off for 7 years usually every year around march, I was baptised march 1996, this forum has helped me in my resolve since i have left 2000. i can assure you I live in devon and my sister lives near hull, 300 miles away, i dont know why it came up with the same ip. I can pm you with our phone numbers and you can call us, youll see we are dfferent. Im sure simon is looking into it.

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    ahhh my sisters ip seems to be different on almost every post, i wonder how she does that, mine stays the same lol

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  • Sirona


    This is only an observation but Jeff said:

    I have to leave for work - but I hope you actually think about that. Dig in - really study the beliefs and practices of Jw's WITH AN OPEN MIND - you are at one of those proverbial crossroads.


    and you said (at 7.40 AM this morning)

    Thank you jeff, yeah work calls me too!

    Now when ask why you are working when you are nearly giving birth, you say:

    Possibly lol i'm 1 and half weeks away from birth and I'm sorry about the confusion over work, with my job I don't get maternity leave in a way, I look after my severely disabled son and have set outtings and suchlike things, that I have to do with him to keep him exercised, these are set up by care services so no rest for the erm wicked even when very very pregnant.

    Again, just an observation but I wouldn't imagine calling looking after your son "work".

    But who am I to question?


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