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  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Loubelle has started a couple of threads about the really bad situation we are living in here in SA. They are no exaggeration - things really are not great and people around us all seem to be talking about whether to leave or not. And for the first time, we are amongst those talking about leaving - debating whether or not we would be able to give up life here and start over somewhere else.

    Our options are England (we could get ancestral visas), Australia or New Zealand.

    This is a really hard decison and one we certainly wont be making quickly!

  • orbison11

    my uncle, from ottawa, canada,,has lived abroad his whole life,,is currently doing a 6 month visit around southern asia, thailand, vietnam, etc,,,

    and was to do a 2 week visit in south afraica, he emailed me and said it was off his list, as his friends had said it was too dangerous



  • llbh

    Hi Princess,

    I am in England and there are alot of South Africans here.

    I live just North of London, if you are serious about coming here please feel free to pm me and i will help if i can



  • Layla33

    If you are not happy in your current place of dwelling, leave. If you can get an ancestral visa (love that term), go for it. Life is too short to live anywhere and be miserable...

  • Velvetann

    Princess Daisy

    Is there some information about your present government situation that you could share with US. A URL or something. I am interested in knowing what is going on there. Who is in Power and how that affects things.

    I have heard South Africa is a BEAUTIFUL country. But unfortunately its ruined with power and greed and diversity. I am so sorry you might have to leave your Homeland. If it keeps you safe I think its important to leave.


  • Layla33

    Well honestly I see this as no different than when Indian people in India pushed out the European regime, the Europeans were probably very upset about their plight, HOWEVER, for the many years that Indian people suffered, it was a very different perspective, was it not?

    South Africa is going through its growing pains. For a very long time, there was a very very small minority of people who ruled the native indigenous people of that country and denied them their basic human rights and now as they are trying to balance things, there are issues. The party of those very small ruling minority are losing their supreme status and understanding and going through some of the things that all those people (over 80% of the population had to go through), without some type of ancestral visa to use because that was their ancestral land. It is not right or fair, but honestly, as people to right wrongs and bring things to a livable and fair life for all, it is going to happen, unfortunately.

    I feel the pain of anyone suffering in South Africa, but it is only fair to try look at it in a honest and fair perspective. If immigration works for some people, maybe it is the best thing.

  • R.Crusoe

    Preservation and enhancement is not always an altruistic act when applied selectively!

    Wishing to preserve and enhance a culture, already decades ahead of other cultures, in a world increasingly on the move is tricky and problematic from a host viewpoints! How does one ensure the others cultures are enhanced woithout giving them opportunities beyond what exists already?

    How can one justify ones own desire whilst withholding it from other humans?

    Conflicts are within the very essence of our futures together and it is beyond me to currently see caring solutions!

  • Quandry

    Wow, Daisy Boo

    How many of your family live there? I mean, do you have parents, etc. that would also leave?

    Please do not stay somewhere where it is not safe....

  • sammielee24

    I read Cathy Buckle's articles with interest and sadness, as the starvation and deprivation of living in Zimbabwe is exposed. I read the SA news and it seem every day that there are rapes and murders, daylight killings and a denial of the leaders in the country about the health of it's citizens as far as AIDs and TB. I thought this sentence written on a blog from about 2001 said it all when I read it - how many years has this been going on?

    look at Zimbabwe. The black leaders have engineered a famine against their own black citizens. It's as if it's all part of some horrible 'master plan.' Apparently getting blacks to starve blacks to death doesn't really bother anyone in the Western world."
  • LouBelle

    Princess Daisy Boo - I'm also looking into the ancestory visa - All I know is that it is now based upon a point system ( Like Australia ) Apprently New Zealand is the easiest country to get into.

    South Africa is stunningly beautiful and our people are beautiful - not eveyone is a criminal but there are a growing number of those.

    Unfortunately being south africa limits us - we can't just get up and go.

    For every day news you can go to online newspaper - they refresh the news a couple of times a day.

    There are government websites to go to but those are usually biased as they don't want the true situation of South Africa to be known. They never publish their crime stats, you have independent companies that have to do that in order to get the truth known. I could also post a news article I read in a Botswana newspaper (about what the majority of people would like to see done to the minority when Zuma is president) - but it would spark a very heated and ugly debate I'm sure - either that or it would sicken you to your core and hijack the thread.

    Princess Daisy Boo - I know a fantastic immigrational officer here in Durbs - she is top notch, does everything for you and you don't have to deal with home affairs (you know what that is like) For ancestral visas you'll need: Birth certificate of the grandparent, marriage certificate between gran & gramps. Parents' birth certificate and then your birth certificate and that of your children - it's exhausting.

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