Poor old Trevor

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  • mouthy

    Thank you. That comment does seem a little bit condescending, but knowing you, I will take it as you probably meant it... WHEW!!!!

    See !!!that is what I mean YOU KNOW ME!!!! Thanks !!!I didnt mean it to be condescending...But since I named my self Mouthy.. You must know I p... off many with the way I say things. Sorry gal...But that is how I was made. Why do you think my earthly Father called me "MOUTH & TROUSERS"I havent got a clue what my Heavenly Father calls me

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just a thought - if you came across a man (much larger than yourself) lying in street, obviously in need of medical attention, would you CARRY him home, or call an ambulance?

    As he lay helpless on the ground, a number of cars drove past and Mr Spencer said he considered ringing a taxi

    So he had a mobile phone - why didn't HE call an ambulance/assistance? What was he waiting for..?

    Apologies for being cynical.

  • Velvetann

    I also being a Newbie wondered about this Trevor person. Now that the story is explained I am thinking KARMA for sure. Forgiving his shows a good heart. I am not sure if I would go near him again myself. Is this man an exJW or just someone who pretended to be?

    Also he tripped coming home from the PUB??? Was he sober? Maybe thats why he tripped.

    Thanks for the explanation all of you


  • JK666


    You have completely misunderstood my comments. I was not referring to the Trevor situation and the fallout from his dishonesty. I was referring the the vicious attacks on OTHER cancer patients AFTER the Trevorgate affair. And those comments were in no way directed at you. I am sorry if you took offense.


  • Sirona

    Oh ok, JK666,

    No problem.


  • Uzzah

    Perhaps I am a calloused bastard but I was taken for a serious ride by someone pretending on the Internet for nearly three years. It cost me financially and moreso emotionally. I even let this person into my family. Trevor's selfishness and attention-whoring just ripped opened what had been healing well.

    My cynicism goes so far as to think he drunkenly broke his ankle ("coming home from the pub") and simply made up the whole 'somebody carried me home to create another wave of attention for himself. Mystery man my butt. Think about it, how else would the newspaper have gotten the story except from Trevor himself.

    Quite honestly Grace, this "Trevor" person could drop dead tomorrow and I wouldn't care anymore than I would about any other stranger that dies on any given day. While I do not wish anything evil upon him, I am certainly not going to extend him any other thought either.

    Sorry Granny if the above attitude disappoints you but it is the way I feel. Your heart is obviously bigger than mine.

  • journey-on

    I love you Mouthy. You are such a forgiving soul.

    But, I'm a firm believer in karma and "what goes 'round, comes 'round." And so it begins...........

  • mouthy

    Sorry Granny if the above attitude disappoints you but it is the way I feel. Your heart is obviously bigger than mine.

    My Darling Uzzah.... You do NOT disappoint me. You are you & I am I. We are FREE to be what we want. I agree what Trevor did was frightful. But if anyone needs this much attention,they have a problem dont they. ? You say my heart is bigger than yours. Well If THAT is the reason I am so fat. To hold it. That makes me feel better

  • Leolaia

    Karma, definitely. Plus some other guy got some good karma out of it too.

    Edit: Here is the article:

  • Hope4Others
    Nah, just a fake that played on the emotions and good hearts of people on this board.

    That' pretty sad to do sh$t like that!


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