Surely the WT wouldn't LIE about motel/hotel accommodations?!?

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  • MissingLink

    Approved Hotel = One that gives a kick-back to the Watchtower

  • fokyc

    Don't kid yourself!

    The WT and the elders WILL LIE about anything, when it suits them.

    I have never met such viscious liars.

    When one lies, they have to believe that and propogate the lies further.


  • MochaLatte

    I would have to agree with fokyc re: the lying.

  • DaCheech

    in my area they had a beautiful, and large assembly hall in Monroe, NY.

    they sold it to jewish church, and took mucho $$$$$$$ along with voulenteer labor to build in newburgh.

    The friends drive for norther Jersey/New York city area got further.

    they just got a little smart lately, by putting D.C.'s in stanley......... they're smaller quantity of brothers but more convenient!

  • WTWizard

    Of course they would lie, to suit their own needs. The motels that they book are the ones that give them the biggest kickbacks and discounts on those who are "guest speakers". Usually the motels are either inferior to others, are a long drive from the site, or both.

    As I have warned about before, I strongly recommend booking a room independently. Time was, that was easier said than done. However, with the Internet, it should be pretty easy to get a room within a reasonable distance from the site, in a decent hotel, for about the same (and often less) than the approved rooms. I have heard horror stories that people have found the recommended rooms to be pxxx poor, and have packed up and booked a non-recommended room for less. Plus, if you decide not to go to the wastefest once you find out that it is the same old, a motel full of witlesses is going to put more pressure on you than one that is 90% worldly people.

    You could do even better. If you just don't go at all, you will get a 100% discount and not have to pay anything or do any driving. You will also save the 3 days you would have wasted for something worthwhile, and miss out on puking and having the children acting up because they cannot sit still for 8 hours. Plus, you won't even have to touch that embarrassment badge.

  • primitivegenius

    lol yeah they makeing my 80 yr old grandma drive all the &^%$#@! way from sapulpa to muskogee for that damn assembly........ LOVELY..... fortunately she probably wont go. when the conventions are held in tulsa my damn parents roll up there and stay with her and will take her to sit in those awefull hard arse chairs....... untill her hips and back hurts to bad for her to go..... so she will miss a day or two..... lol.

    wonder if i shouldnt point out to my folks that staying with family ISNT staying in SOCIETY APPROVED rooming lol.

    my dad knows the man in charge of going to see these hotels and working out the arraingments........ so he has given dad recommendations as to which rooms are the nicest before .............. good ole elder buddy network i guess.

  • joanne_

    Sort of off the topic, but...when I was new to the organization I chose a hotel room in advance and paid by cheques to pay up front. I only had to pay for one more night. Well the time came to pay the final bill and it was much higher than the agreed price months ago. I was shocked, I had to pay extra money out of my pocket that I really did not have. But the real shocker was when I talked to Brothers about this they did not do anything. They brushed me off. They basically said there was nothing they could do. I was really upset about this. I thought they were there to back us up if there was problems with the hotel arrangements....I will never forget that....

  • 5thGeneration

    We had a Sheridan hotel right beside our District Convention site once that was not on the list.

    DURING the sessions, an announcement was made that any Brothers and Sisters staying at the Sheridan should report for a meeting during the lunch hour.

    Anyone stupid enough to go were balled out for being disobedient.

  • Dagney

    I live in a convention town and every summer there are 13 DC's. There are hotels surrounding the convention center. If the society does not have an agreement with the hotels,(mind you, they are all within walking distance from the site), there is strict counsels to not stay at the neighboring hotels. Of course many did, and the society got very angry and said that the disobedience to the arrangement affects their ability to negotiate good rates with the hotel and thus you are screwing up the deal for all your fellow brothers and sisters. It was quite a "to do" in this area. Some comply and stay in the approved hotels, 10 - 20 miles away. Some stay in the unapproved hotels close by, including elders and their families. Fortunately, they use the "spirit of a sound mind" (bleech) and do what is best for their families. Another funny thing is the society gives strict counsel about not going to any of the food places, even the coffee carts, within the arena. Here people are traveling, do not have kitchens in hotel rooms, and they are not to use the convenience of the local merchants because it takes away from "socializing with the brotherhood" during the session breaks. People still do though, thankfully. It's crazy I tell you.

  • worldtraveller

    Please refrain from accusations of untrooffulness. Theocratic warfare is not lying is it?

    An approved hotel is one that has the Gideon bible removed with tongs so it does not infect a Witness, and has all the porn phone numbers discreetly removed by white-out or torn out of the phone books.

    Temptation, you know.

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