Surely the WT wouldn't LIE about motel/hotel accommodations?!?

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  • RisingEagle

    I was eating lunch with 3/4 of my active JW family earlier today and they were bemoaning the idea that they were going to have to leave the central Oklahoma area very early tomorrow morning to find a room so they could attend an assembly on the otherside of the state. They had tried calling the 'approved' hotels and motels in the town where the assembly is being held and they were all booked. So that left them looking at the rest of the approved list and having to travel as much as 50 miles away to get a room.

    I whipped out my new cell phone, put the town where the assembly is being held into the map function and punched the button for 'hotels and motels'. Within 45 seconds I had two different motels on the towns main strip very near the assembly hall with rooms available. When I asked the relatives if they wanted me to book them the rooms, they got into a heated debate over if it was right and proper to bypass the 'socities direction' to book rooms off the approved list or drive as much as 50 miles back and forth to keep the book publishing company happy.

    The hardcore jw matriarch of the family told me to book the rooms, but as we were walking out of the restaurant suddenly started feeling very guilty for her 'sin'. Her excuse for declining the reservation?

    "The society sends out people to check over the rooms before they put them on the list. The motels you found are probably fleabag rooms that were not approved because they weren't up to the standards and I don't mind driving that far to stay in a clean room."

    Yeah. BTW, the rooms I found were part of two nationwide chains and have listings on and Frommer's guide, so they must be real sh**holes.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It's things like this that make me so glad to be away from the org. Even when I was in, I saw things that were rediculous like this. I just couldn't get over the fact that people were such weaklings and unable to make a single decision for themselves.

  • hillbilly

    were is the Assembly anyway? I want to make sure I avoid it.

    The Masons big temple up here in Guthrie would be a fitting place to have a Circuit Assembly/


  • JK666

    I found out many moons ago that the Rooming Arrangement was a sham. Remember when the list came out, and even the elders were not supposed to make reservations prior to the meeting that the list was announced? Our congregation shared a KH with another congregation, so we had our service meeting on Tuesday instead of Thursday like most others. After the meeting, I had a cell phone in my car (1980's), so went to make the reservations right away that night from the parking lot. The rooms in all of the decent hotels were all booked up, except for fleabags in another town. F**king elders already had them all reserved for their families and friends, even before the list was up. I booked at the Marriott, and they could go to hell!


  • RisingEagle

    were is the Assembly anyway? I want to make sure I avoid it.

    Hillbilly, fill in the blanks from the old song and you have the location:

    "We don't smoke marijuana in _____________" and "I'm just an Okie from ____________"


    The WBT$ sent out people,to check out the United Nations..The WBTS decided to Associate with the United Nations NGO..For 10 years!.....Till they got caught and were Publicly Humiliated on a Globel Scale!.....Why wouldn`t you Trust the WBT$ to pick your Hotel or Motel???..................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • hillbilly

    I was in Muscogee a couple of nights this week on business... They have a Hampton, Holiday Inn and La Quinta out off a few hot sheet and contruction worker- by- the- week places a couple miles down the road.

    Cant the society get anyone to rent space in OKC? Or is there just not enough JW's around to matter where they have assemblies?

    We should meet up some day.


  • RisingEagle

    Hillbilly Once upon a time the WT practically owned all the large assembly halls in the central okc area almost anytime they wanted them. The Myriad now Cox center, Civic Center, Okc fairgrounds buildings, Lloyd Noble and even ECU in Ada all but tripped over themselves trying to get the witlings to book there. As I understand it each of those places now want the witnoids to use their security, food services and parking attendants if they want to use the facilities, which means extra expenses. I guess it's just easier to get the slaves to the watchtower to drive halfway to Arkansas to stay cheap.

    I'm actually driving by your neck o' the woods tomorrow to go to Perkins and then on to Prague to complete some loan paperwork. I'll wave as I go by Guthrie, next time I'm in the area I'll pm you and we can meet up.

  • Layla33

    Can someone please explain to me a JW approved hotel? And what are the qualifications of the people supposedly checking these hotels/motels?

    You know the things that this "organization" swears they are so different from the world, is just a crock of you know what.

  • avishai

    Tell them about this!!

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