What Bible do you use?

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  • Honesty
    Just curious here, what is your current truth? Maybe I'd like to find that too. bite me

    Start with Romans the 8th chapter. Add in a pinch of John 5:38-40 Stir in some of the Grace found in Romans 5:1-2 and Ephesians 2:8-9
  • LtCmd.Lore
    Just curious here, what is your current truth? Maybe I'd like to find that too. bite me

    (Judges 1:19) 19 And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

    My present truth is: A little technology is far more powerfull than Yahweh. (And I mean a little technology. I'm talking metallurgy here...)

    Lore - What.Would.Satan.Do?

  • The Last Nephilim
    The Last Nephilim

    Interesting verse at Judges 1:19, Lore!
    As far as what bible I use, I tend to do everything on my PC, so I have the WT Library CDROM but I also heavily use the e-Sword program. It has Strong's Dictionary of Greek and Hebrew words as well as tons of different bible translations, some with Strong's numbers, some without. I recently got the NWT on e-Sword, too, which makes it even less necessary to open the WT Library! Between my e-Sword and my bookshelf, I have some 50+ copies of the bible, although a few are in Latin, Greek, or some other language I don't understand (came free on e-Sword). e-Sword itself is free, I highly recommend it! Go to e-sword.net, and be sure to put the - in there because there is a site called esword.net that is the WRONG one!

  • evergreen

    I use e-sword as well as you can download so many versions. The version with all the names in hebrew is quite amazing. I think that version is called 'The scriptures'.

    At the moment I am using th NKJV as i am reading the bible entirely at the moment. This version even suggests a programme of reading to help you finish reading it within a year. Whats more as a study bible I underline everything that stands out (in red pen) and jot down notes in pencil at the side. If need be I will compare some scriptures to the same scripture in other versions such as the revised standard version and the NWT.

  • Must obey!
    Must obey!

    I detest all old Shakespearean style English bibles. This is the 21st fckn century!!!

  • Mincan

    I use the one best suiting for long time service as kindling starter. I also like the ones that I can stand on to reach things high up in the cupboards...

    Seriously, what the hell would I use a bible for? I use it about as much as I use Erik the Red Sagas, The Simerillian, The Egyptian Book of The Dead, The Selected Writings of Socrates, 1001 Arabian Nights and my Deluxe Edition of The Ilyiad and The Odyssey. Actually I used it more, so I'll probably come back to the others more often in future.

  • bigdreaux

    which bible do i use? this one:

    Satanicbible.gif picture by booman76

  • tula



    containing the

    Old and New Testaments

    translated out of the original tongues

    being the version set forth A.D. 1611

    compared with the Most Ancient Authorities and revised

    A.D. 1881-1885

    Newly Edited by the American Revision Committee

    A.D. 1901

    standard edition

    New York

    Thomas Nelson and Sons

    37 East 18th Street

    and I use the NWT for comparison.

  • tula

    Does anyone out there use this one?

    You should familiarize yourself with this occult symbol called the triquetra.

  • Fisherman

    NWT is the best. It rocks!

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