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  • oompa

    Only gays will be allowed to be Circuit and District Overseers I hear..............oompa

  • Priest73

    Hell Oompa, Atleast they'd dress better, and the Kingdom Halls would be nicer.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you eliminate the PO, someone has to schedule elder's quarterly meetings,
    determine an agenda for those meetings, chair that meeting.

    The person who does that after any change would be the secret PO.

    They tried rotating positions before, decided it didn't work.

    Was told that if you are the sort of person that cant handle changes, you wont stay in the org for long.

    That statement would have to be just a threat to elders. "Go along or get out of the way."
    They wouldn't try to actually push them out, because many would gladly leave.
    They wouldn't say that to Joe and Suzy Publisher, because they would leave quicker.
    They would only say it to those that they can pump up their ego and expect them to
    play ball.

  • blondie

    If no PO, then which elder will be the first one to go to the new training for 2 weeks at Patterson? Service committee already pretty much runs things, not including the other elders in many administrative functions.

  • kwr

    Nothing like a good rumor to get a thread going! ;-)

  • chickpea

    not to go too far off topic.... but the PO ( a widowed MTS boy) at the hall i attended once, in that fellowshipping knot at the back of the hall one sunday, told me, according to 1tim 5:17 ( Let the elders that rule well, be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine) the congregation should be paying him!!

    i remember thinking..... go to seminary and get ordained in a church

  • DT

    What would make them suspect that there is a high level apostate? Could it be that someone is leaking sensitive information? If so, I'm sure they are terrified. Most of their power comes from controlling information. A highly placed apostate could be devastating. Imagine if the Ray Franz incident happened when there was Internet.

    Another possibility is they are just spreading rumors to cause fear and tighten their control.

  • 5go

    I bet they will either

    One) Loosen things up a return to voting letting the congregations vote for elders to throw off liability.

    Two) Tighten things up give an ability to remove any one elder or MS very quickly by the PO. Changing the title PO to Princely Overseer.

    Three) Nothing just change names and descriptions.

    Four) Give up and start calling the elders what they are clergy and start paying them off.

    Five) Same as four but they don't start paying them.

    Six) They do away with titles all together and a brother is automatically a MS by default.

  • OMG! Now What?
    OMG! Now What?

    Or, maybe they are getting ready to go public on the stock market, then have individual investors buy local KHs, then the investor would be the PO and forget the old guy with the old title not to mention to be required to pay a monthly fee for all literature. LOL Kinda like a franchise...can you see the ad? "Investor Wanted! Local KH for sale. Dubs included." Too funny!

  • belbab

    It could be disinformation to catch a suspected apostate.

    The head honcho releases different bits of information to each chain of command.

    When that information surfaces elsewhere, even on JWD, then the head honcho knows who is leaking the information. He has narrowed the area down, then he does the same in that segment until he finds who it is.

    Read how the movie industry catches those who are pirating new movies and black marketing them.

    Read how Stalin would locate subversives, according to Solzenytsen.


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