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  • momzcrazy

    Soldier Troll

  • Aleman

    Freedom of speech and freedom of religion!

    Is this the best you can do momz? Please, save it for some one else


  • marmot

    I'm still curious to see what your answer is on white blood cells. According to the society this is a banned fraction, but breast milk contains scads of the stuff. A mother can breastfeed her child one year but if it gets sick with leukemia or an immune disorder she wouldn't be allowed to give a partial transfusion of those same white blood cells. Where is the ****ING SENSE IN THAT!?

    The whole fraction business is pharisaical and farcical in the extreme. What part of the bible details the scientific breakdown of blood into allowable and forbidden components?

    And you're blind if you think Matthew 12 is a primarily a lesson about the sabbath, if that were the case then the whole chapter would be meaningless to Christians because they are no longer under the obligation to observe the sabbath. The POINT of the whole story was to show that love trumps hidebound observance of the letter of the law.

    Dammit people like you get me angry, and I don't even believe in the bible!

  • momzcrazy
    Is this the best you can do momz? Please, save it for some one else

    I haven't even started to do my best. You haven't had a fraction of the wisdom on this board presented to you. Yet you can't seem to handle the small portion you have been given. You comment on nonsubstantial pieces of fluff, while ignoring the deeper more important facts given to you. You are a waste of everyone's energy and time, hence you are a troll. You claim to be a soldier for the truth, hence you are a Soldier Troll.

    Don't even get me started on what a smart ass, immature, blinded little JW you are. Stop wasting our time.

    Everyone please ignore this ignorant Soldier Troll.

    marmot, he has ignored your piece of info twice before. He doesn't know what to do with this unexpected bit of truth. So like all the other facts presented by our wise, intelligent board members, he will ignore it.

  • Chalam

    Hi momzcrazy,
    "Isn't that a wonderful sensation Chalam? I have said that there is so much less yet so much more to salvation than we were taught as Witnesses."

    Yes it is awesome! Nothing much for us to do to be saved.

    My JW friend hope's he is 'doing enough' to have his name in the Book Of Life.

    Ephesians 2 (New International Version)

    8For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9not by works, so that no one can boast. 10For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

    So take the gift-it's free!


  • besty

    hey Aleman - can I speak to your manager please.

    <sigh> <find me an intelligent JW to debate with>

  • Chalam

    Hi Aleman,
    Not sure that I understand this post

    "OK Chalam, If this is your answer, Stop Paying Taxes! You say to be free then be free of taxes. After all this was the topic in which I said that. Some people just love to take words and twist them around to try hard to get attention.


    Maybe you could elaborate please?


  • BreakingAway
    Aleman:Is this the best you can do momz? Please, save it for some one else
    Momzcrazy:I haven't even started to do my best. You haven't had a fraction of the wisdom on this board presented to you.

    Perhaps Aleman hasn't heard ? They're allowing fractions now.....

  • Rabbit


    You have seemingly learned to spell and improved your grammar...a LOT since yesterday ! See what happens when you hang with "unclean apostates" ?

    Seriously tho', this discussion about JW's and blood is simply talk for you. The GB told you how to think and speak for them and you'll never strain your own brain to do your own research.

    For me and lots of others "blood" is not just "talk". These beliefs of yours (I mean WT) murdered my JW mother. In fact, the WT, prior to 1945 spoke of blood transfusions in their own rags as "heroic". Then later, as evil, then as a DF'ing matter and now as a "conscience matter" where a faithful JW can partake of all '4 major components of blood" in the form of fractions.

    My JW mom died, because she thought she could not accept a blood transfusion. She based that decision on the belief that Jehovah's Holy Spirit was guiding the Governing Body. Within a year of that fateful decision -- the Holy Spirit, Jehovah or the Governing Body...CHANGED THEIR MIND AGAIN !

    I like what Donkey said to you:
    2. That many JWs died because they could not accept blood fractions? I happen to know of someone personally to whom this applied. 3. Since this view was "ignorant' and "incorrect" - does this make the Society blood guilty? What responsibility do they bear for those who died for incorrect beliefs? Or do they get a free pass?

    Do they get a "free pass" ???? Please enlighten us...I'd really like to hear how they aren't blood guilty of at least the negligent deaths of thousands of faithful followers, who thought they were following a 'god's' will ?

    You better answer this one.


    Edited to add a link with lots of WT quotes for Aleman to prove the WT flip-flops and deadly games they play with the 'faithfuls' lives.'s_Witnesses_and_blood#_ref-9

    Try and use this for "ammo" !

  • momzcrazy

    I'm sorry about your mom Rabbit. The blood of holy ones is dripping from their hands.


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