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  • Aleman

    Science in this time of era has become very advanced to the point that atoms and sub-particles can be photographed for our education and knowledge. We don't live in barbarian times anymore. Knowledge is all around the world now where people from Iran, China, Argentina, and Canada can get the same information we read thanks especially to the internet.

    The issue of the blood is that back then blood was blood that is red and gets pumped from the heart, and many of you still think this is the issue. But blood have many components that got identifyed by medical people. They saw what was important for the body and what were the defence of the blood flow. The fact that JWs have become scientific and smarter about the issue scared many who don't like change and would rather fail God Almighty in leaving due to their fear of change.


  • BreakingAway

    Aleman, why do I get the feeling that you're hearing only what you want to hear ? Do you really want to know the truth about these issues or is your only desire trying to convince yourself or others that you're "right" ?

    Here are a couple of things to consider.Firstly, you follow the GB's other decisions, such as blood, but when it comes to this forum, which you know is a direct violation of their orders,a subject about which they have even used scriptures to support, you quickly write off those scriptures (and their counsel) as being either misapplied or just plain wrong ! You can't have it both ways.Either they're the FDS whose guidance should be accepted in all aspects of life or they're not.The greater sin goes to the man who believes and yet does NOT follow.People were df'd or died because the GB said that accepting an organ transplant was cannibalism ! At one time if you took ANY component of blood you were df'd, now it's broken down into components.Isn't it obvious just how Pharisaical that is ? Here are a couple of intersting points for you as well:

    "After Russell's death in 1916, Joseph Franklin Rutherford succeeded Russell as president of the Watchtower organization. Under his administration Jehovah’s Witnesses depicted uses of blood as heroic and the Lord’s work. In 1925, blood transfusion was mentioned in an issue of Golden Age. It reported on Mr. B. W. Tibble who donated blood on forty-five separate occasions. The article highlighted his refusal of payment for donating, and the honor accordingly bestowed upon him by Order of the king. [ In 1927 the Watchtower organization addressed blood, stating, “God told Noah that every living creature… must not eat the blood…”. [ In 1931 this was expounded by the Watchtower organization teaching “that it was not the eating of the blood that God objected to, but it was bringing the blood of the beast in contact with the blood of man.” At this time the Watchtower organization taught that humanblood was sacred and that it was wrong to contaminate human blood with animal blood. ] In 1940 while discussing interesting medical news, the Watchtower organization reported on a woman who accidentally shot herself with a revolver in her heart and survived a major surgical procedure during which an attending physician donated a quart of his own blood for transfusion."

    Additionally, the FDS counsels one to get out of false religion and to quit touching the unclean thing. The apostle Paul wrote: "'Get out from among them, and separate yourselves,' says Jehovah, 'and quit touching the unclean thing'; 'and I will take you in.' Are not all here considered to be "unclean" by the Society ? If one believes what the Society says then being here is a VERY serious sin which is why they disfellowship for it.Now I'm not saying you need to leave Aleman, I don't have that authority anyway, what I am saying is that you have some serious thinking to do.Will you write all of this off or are you truly concerned about truth ?

  • nomoreguilt

    Breakingaway.....Excellant reasoning point. I told him something similar the other day, being amongst us wicked, heathen, blood slurping apostHates.

    good job friend.


  • Aleman

    In the military, they teach you all they can so that you can prepare for war, Kill or Be Killed. Within the ranks of the soilder, they have the freedom to learn new things and apply them to what they taught you. This is what I am doing here. I became 'unclean' to be able to talk to the 'unclean'.

    I don't think your giving creadit where creadit is due. Science has come along way to show exactly what we can or can not use. The JWs have evolved and have become inteligent in these and other matters. The problem is that many love to be contradictant. I do believe if the JWs have not agreed to accept any part of the components of the blood, there would be those who will leave because they would be convinced that compoents can be used to save a life.

    You just can't make everyone happy!


  • JK666


    One more question: Why if it is alright to take blood fractions, yet JW's cannot donate blood to make them? You say you are a warrior, it sounds more like a leech.


  • nomoreguilt

    Aleman....1corinthians 10:21.....You cannot be drinking the cup of jehovah and the cup of demons; you cannot be partaking of the table of jehovah and the table of demons. ....

    Aleman.....I believe you may be looking at self condemnation here my friend.

    Aleman.....Watch How You Walk...... offer still stands...if your Arc of salvation begins to go under, I WILL help you off of it.

    Aleman.....true christian love......wouldn't you agree on that?


  • Aleman

    If you give money to a bum, you don't know if they will us it for food or clothing or if he is an alcoholic or a drug user and you are helping him to continue with his habits. same with the blood transfusions, will they use the components only or the whole blood.


  • momzcrazy

    Hi again. I used the EPO shot and it helped alot. My doctor didn't recognize me when I went back for my followup a week after discharge. What I don't get about the fractions policy is this: Let's say whole blood is a cake. You can have its fractions ie flour, milk, eggs, sugar, etc. But you cannot eat the cake. So back in 2001 I could have said give me all the fractions of the whole, just put them in me seperately and I would have been within the guidelines of the Society.

    I don't think your "preparing for war" logic would fly too far in a judicial committee meeting. Most of us here are unclean apostates in your organizations eyes. To them you are throwing pearls before swine. I don't of anywhere in the their rule books that says you can speak to us about the Bible as preparation for war. Oh, wait I guess it's OK now that they have had fornication with the Wild Beast, the UN. Sorry my bad.


  • avishai

    No Vaccinations eaither, even if you die.... Oh, wait, that's "old light" too. Hey, aleman, got kids?


    Aleman..Jehovah`s Witness`s are as brain dead,as they have always been..JW`s don`t make decisions about blood,the WBT$ does that for them.....JW`s can use all the parts of blood..Just not all at the same time..????.....What`s the Point??......Thats like saying,you can eat all the ingredients in a Ham Sandwich..You just can`t eat a Ham Sandwich......The WBT$ has Proven themselves to be Morons.....Jehovah`s Witness`s are followers,of Morons...............Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

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