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  • penny2

    Welcome to JWD, yomomma! Sounds like you have a good friend in CCS!! I'm a fader too, so know the kind of problems you are facing. Great that you and your husband are on the same page.


  • rockhound

    Welcome to the forum Yomomma !!

    You are doing just fine in coming here. It's OK to think, and use your reasoning ability, and get answers to your questions. You will not be struck by a bolt of lightning because you drew a line in the sand and said "This just can't be right". Most of us have walked a mile in your shoes already, so you will often find a hearing ear, and a helpful and kind word when it counts the most. There seems to be no magic formula for talking to your loved ones. Some hold their beliefs within a clenched fist, and are unwilling and unable to see possible errors in the way they look at things. When individuals think they possess absolute truth without question, then we are dealing with a dogmatic mindset.

    We know what this means, because in many cases, we to, had thrown the wall up to shut down unwanted doubts and questions from friends, but now we realize that questions are the minds most important tool in the learning process. There is an old saying, that "ships in a harbor are safe, but that's not what ships are built for, they're built for the high seas" Thanks for stoping by the forum, and introducing yourself, we will look forward to hearing from you.


  • momzcrazy


    Very happy you are united with your husband and kids. That is a wonderful base in beginning a new life. Kids adjust better than adults, especially when the Xmas and b-day gift come rolling in! This place has been my haven in my new path towards freedom. I know you'll find help and support here.


  • free2think

    Welcome Yomomma


    Yo Yomamma

    W E L C O M E

    The last 7 months I have been on this board have saved my sanity, if not my life.

    You will find comfort here along with love and support.

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the board.

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