WT loses appeal in UK!!!!!!!

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Thankyou again Simon.

    I've emailed Private Eye, no response from BBC yet. The story is covered again here:
    Lawandreligionuk article

  • Kanon

    Things like this make me wonder what is going on,

    One side thinks there are puppet masters behind the scenes controlling everything, but if that is the case I don't see the strategy to thumbing their noses at Judges and legal decrees.

    My thoughts on these matters is, if you take a look at what their lawyer said on jwtv that all victories in the court are because of God. They have had a lot of victories in court but most of them are on just grounds things that are human rights violations, many other people have also had similar success in court(the 1900s were full of victories in racial,sex and other rights victories no divine intervention needed there).

    I think the reason for these crazy delay tactics and long shot appeals and failure to obey court orders, is done with them thinking God is gonna miraculously intervene and move the judge to throw all these cases out. However to bad for them child abuse is not the same as fighting for someone imprisoned because his human rights have been violated.

  • 88JM

    Just a suggestion, Simon - could you not perhaps just do CSS "word-wrap: break-word"?

    I know linking the title is better and everything, but not everyone will to go to the trouble.

  • Vidiot

    Joe Grundy - "Bear in mind also that WT (presumably) doesn't contribute or cosy up to political parties, its members don't even vote, it is regarded as a pest at best or irrelevant at worst. It doesn't have many friends nor an extremist terrorist wing, so it may be an easy (not to say popular) target."

    That's always good to be reminded of.


    If the Justice System (in the US or the UK) ever reaches the point where it feels compelled to set a solid precedent and public example/object lesson, the WTS is the ideal candidate...

    ...there'd be practically zero political or social blowback, and since they really are egregiously culpable, no one would feel the least bit sorry for them.

  • Simon
    Just a suggestion, Simon - could you not perhaps just do CSS "word-wrap: break-word"?
    I know linking the title is better and everything, but not everyone will to go to the trouble.

    Yeah, it's something that's been on my TODO list for a while but I've never got round to it as it's only been an occasional issue. I need to test it doesn't impact anything else.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    Sorry, been away for a few days.

    'Private Eye' (I am a subscriber) does a great deal of investigative journalism, and often gets into stories before more mainstream publications.

    When I spoke to the lady journalist I gave several links (including this site) but you should understand that any investigator worth their salt will want to follow their own way. I think she will.

    One can only suggest and point the way towards sources (which has been done). Now we have to wait and see, I think.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Joe Grundy's hard work payed off. Excellent idea :)

    Here is a quote from part of the article in Private Eye:

    "As well as investigating the Jehovah’s Witnesses over safeguarding and their advice to individual congregation charities, the Charity Commission was seeking to probe the organisation’s administration, governance and management in a move which could see the congregation lose its charitable status.

    The commission also served WBTSB with a production order seeking disclosure of all documents recording allegations of abuse, and advice and guidance given in response, as well as minutes of meetings associated with child safeguarding..."

    Read the rest here:


    (just thought I'd link the two threads)

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