WT loses appeal in UK!!!!!!!

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  • Phizzy

    This is a setback for the WT, they lost because of an arrogant gamble, both things, arrogance and gambling, against which they have spoken in the past.

    The loss of Charitable Status is doubtful in my view, but I hope I am proved wrong.

    I shall watch with interest the case as it proceeds, and the other case too.

    It certainly seems to me that Cantleave has put his finger on it, they are out of tune with how far Society has evolved, so they are at a disadvantage, they too must evolve or become extinct.

    They really should have shown more respect for Darwin, and applied his excellent visionary theory to a social situation, one which they do not have a grip of.

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  • 88JM

    I just thought, there is actually one thing in their favor if they lost - as a non-charitable organisation, they wouldn't be required to openly declare their finances, so they could shift money around much more easily, especially in light of the recent huge cash grab from the congregations. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit though.

    Also, Half banana - you're maybe underestimating how much gift aid is worth to them. I don't think it's been mentioned on here, but gift aid these days isn't quite like it used to be where publishers had to make out a form and specifically declare that they wished their donations to be gift-aided (and very few publishers bothered to do it).

    There was a new rule brought in over a year ago where they could say that any donation under £20 in the congregation box can be claimed back with gift aid. In the congregation here, even if there is more than £20 in the box, they will make out separate, individual receipts if it looks like the money could be from more than one person. (i.e. if it's two ten-pound notes rolled together, then that's obviously just from one person, but otherwise it gets divided into amounts smaller than £20 and put on separate receipts)


    VAT status is not dependent on being a charity so no risk there. The charity commission would lay down steps for any non compliant charity to become compliant. This may be a change of some trustees or introducing new processes. Mainstream churches are still charities despite safeguarding issues as they put in the effort to change.

    I suspect the WBTS will simply change a few processes in the UK about how they conduct JC's - what language is used so basically more work and worry for the elders. But this will hopefully bring about a change for those poor victims being interrogated by abusers in a kangaroo court.


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  • Kanon

    Well just means that the inquiry into them will go forward.

    They were notified of the inquiry had window to appeal, in stranded fashion thumbed there nose at the system appealed after the time limit and lost.

    Though I still don't see how one could appeal a decision to open an investigation. Um no we don't wont you looking in to see if anything wrong was done. Nothing to see here move along.

    If the inquiry decides against them it would be real bad news, though the chances of that are slim. The best I think anyone can hope for is maybe it opens a door on the proceedings of handling of child abuse and judicial committees, maybe get some more documentation on the public record.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well expect some major changes in corporation policy over this kerfuffle unless the Governing Body is composed entirely of complete idiots, which might be the case you never know with this bunch of GB superstars.

    One good thing(from our point of view) about being delusional is you make a lot of mistakes keeping the delusion alive these guys on the GB really think they are riding on Jehovah's holy spirit so they are bound to make lots of them and even hail Mary plays as they grapple with their running Jehovah's earthly organization delusion.

    Not the best choice for CEO material but hey the whole corporation stinks from the same delusion so it kind of narrows the pick quite a bit.

  • steve2

    Unfortunately for British JWs, Jehovah has bigger fish to fry in the Phillipines, like guilting Witnesses to seek refuge in kingdom halls that are subsequently washed away in floods.

    Times are nicely tough when you view law court rulings as evidence of persecution.

  • Xanthippe

    Thank you Defender of Truth for that article from the Independent. I missed that. This case was what brought on the Charities Commissions accusation that the WTS has safeguarding issues wasn't it?

    I'm sickened at the thought of victims of abuse being questioned by a rapist in a JC without anyone to stand by them. They have no right! I hate this organisation, they are filthy. They deserve everything that's coming to them

  • konceptual99
    I would not expect the loss of charitable tax status any time soon. There would be appeals, a legal process etc. etc. The WTS is a master at spinning those things out. Also, look what happened in France - they got all their tax back...
  • defender of truth

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