WT loses appeal in UK!!!!!!!

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    Jehovah's Witnesses refused leave to appeal to charity tribunal over regulatory action



    Joe Grundy, did you manage to send any of those links?

  • konceptual99
    Sorry to be a party pooper but Private Eye satirises matters and scandals which are common knowledge. I regret to say that I'm not so sure that what we find important is on everyone else's radar as yet.

    I would disagree to an extent. True, the satirical side tends to lampoon events that are common knowledge but there is lots of serious journalism going on underneath it all. PE has championed a number of stories over the years which have taken much longer to be reported on by the mainstream press. This is especially true regarding City scandals.

    They also set up the Paul Foot award, specifically to acknowledge investigative reporters,

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    All UK news has now been suspended due to the 'Clarkson Incident'.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    is it just me--or has DoT's posts lost their right sides ?
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @conceptual, then I’m heartened to hear it. Lots of negative media exposure of the wretched organisation is what is required.

    The ideal is when the publicity is so bad and universal that nobody would want to identify with the JW org for fear of looking like an idiot.

    I just want to add that the reason for the WTBTS acting the way they do over child sex abuse is twofold. 1, they are delusional about their role "appointed by God" which empowers them to be autocratic and 2, they use a reference from the Bible (two witnesses) to justify their actions.

    The law of the land and the press are now exposing their stupidity in both areas; their right to feel they are above the law and the crassness of using a book of fairy tales as a guide to life.

    Most of thinking, feeling humanity have moved on from this primitive position... but not the Borg.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Sorry about that, it was probably a phone compatibility thing.

    Anyway, that was the idea for a story that I sent to the BBC.

    Why not give it a go?


    I've also contacted the Independent and Wales online to ask them to follow up on this charity commission story..

    Joe, did you pass on those links to Private Eye? Or can someone do it?

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    This is a landmark case involving a group that is gaining public interest (as well as that of the Charity Commission), due to their lack of proper child protection policies.
    It will be worth keeping an eye on, or possibly even sending a reporter.
    (more cases are yet to come if you read the full article) :

    "A WOMAN who was abused from the age of four by a senior officer of the Jehovah’s Witnesses has lodged a £500,000 claim for compensation in a test case that could open the door to hundreds more suits involving members of the religious organisation in the UK.

    Judges sitting at the High Court in London have been told that Abigail (not her real name) was first molested after Bible-study classes in Leicestershire by Peter Stewart, a ministerial servant of the organisation.

    The abuse, which included alleged rape, continued for five years until Abigail was nine, and took place in her home, his home, in a shed and in cars, the court was told.."


    The Charity Commission is investigating them as a matter of public interest related to the safeguarding of children:
    "The regulator opened a case into the charity in July 2013 to examine concerns about the trustees’ approach to dealing with safeguarding matters and discuss the scope of the trustees’ duties and responsibilities under charity law in connection with safeguarding issues...
    The inquiry is about the regulator assuring itself about the policy, procedures and practices in light of recent events.

    The Commission’s duty to protect public trust in charity has prompted it to open a formal inquiry to investigate these concerns.

    The Commission’s concerns have been amplified by recent criminal cases concerning historic incidents of abuse involving individuals who appear to have been connected to Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations and/or the charity.

    In addition, there has been growing public interest in how the charity and congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses deal with safeguarding matters."


    The Watchtower chose not to even respond to the courts production order (they were ordered to produce relevant child protection policy documents) for six months which, as the judge stated, meant that the safety of children could still be at risk.

    "At a tribunal last week, judge Alison McKenna said the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain had caused prolonged delays to the regulator’s investigation leading to “ongoing risks” to children.

    "The Charity Commission initially opened an inquiry into the charity in May 2014 to investigate if adequate safeguarding procedures were in place, following revelations that trustees of the charity had allowed a convicted paedophile to question his victims."

    "Jonathan Rose, an elder of the New Moston congregation, was jailed for nine months for abusing two women when they were young girls, the Manchester Evening News reported.
    According to the paper, after his release in March 2014, a series of “disfellowship” meetings were held to decide whether Rose should remain a member of the organisation, and the women were asked to recount their ordeal. At one meeting, Rose was allowed to ask the women questions."

    "The regulator said at the time that it has had “ongoing serious concerns” about the charity and had previously opened regulatory compliance cases into the Watch Tower Bible in July 2013 and the New Moston congregation in December 2013...

    McKenna said the charity’s delay of “over six months” in making the extension application to the tribunal “elongated unreasonably the period of time” in which the Commission would be “delayed from carrying out its inquiry pending determination of a challenge to its decision”.

    “I give weight to the fact that the [Commission’s] inquiry and production order relate to safeguarding matters which could… logically concern on-going risks to people who are still children”, she said.

    McKenna said: “it seems to me that the continuation of the court proceedings was [the charity’s] main priority at that time… I also conclude that there was not a good explanation for it...”

    The 10/14 Elders letter: ('Elders' are the men who lead and supervise all congregation activities.)

    Only if the brothers at the branch office determine that someone is a “predator” can parents in the local congregation be warned of his tendencies. Only if the branch office decides that someone is a “known child molester” can he be blocked from ever serving as an elder.

    Please read it when you have time.(It's now in the public domain)


  • Simon

    FYI: When you post a link, it's better if the text for the link is the page title not the URL especially if it's long.

    i.e., this:

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    If the URL is especially long (lots of meaningless querystring parameters) and you also concatenate it with other text (e.g. repeated '.' characters) then it becomes too long to wrap - there are no spaces to break on compared to normal english that the title has which will wrap nicely.

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  • Vidiot

    For crissakes...


    ...they refuse to submit requested documents...

    ...they refuse to testify when called to...

    ...they stall and obfuscate and hum and haw whenever they're asked anything...

    ...all on both sides of the f**king pond.


    I swear, I'm more and more convinced that they want the Justice System to give them a good, sound spanking.

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