Nethanyahu speach to US Congress - not in sync with NRA position on weapons

by RubaDub 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Viviane
    Like I said, the US was involved before that. It's factually true.
  • cookiemaster
    TD - I'm glad you found it interesting. That's one way to do it. Guns are another way and are easier to use. And don't get me wrong, a few of the times I came in contact with a bear, I sure would have liked to have a gun around. Your comment about wild beast has provided me with some more insight on why Americans have historically needed and liked guns. I would support trained and authorized hunters to have guns, as well as people that like in highly dangerous areas (maybe they could get a special permit of something), but I'm not sure I'm okay with the average city/suburban dweller being allowed to carry a handgun.

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