Flip flop, flip flop

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  • dedpoet

    Here is a poem I wrote about watchtower doctrinal changes.
    I got the idea when I was reading on Quotes a couple of days

    Flip flop.

    Flip flop, flip flop
    Will these changes ever stop?
    New light is needed, we've encountered a hitch
    For goodness sake, someone throw the switch
    It's 1914, and we shouldn't be here
    We said this would be our rapture year
    So let's try and think up a brand new date
    But we need to hurry, it's getting late

    Flip flop, flip flop
    It's 1926, we've been caught on the hop
    We said last year would be the last
    Before armageddon, but now it's passed
    Millions now living will probably die
    People might say we've told them a lie
    But we needn't worry, it's not really late
    Let's tell them we can't hold jah to a date

    Flip flop, flip flop
    Preach the good news and never dtop
    For 1975 is certain to bring
    An end to this old system of things
    Well, '75 has been and gone
    And still this old system carries on
    But don't accuse us of telling any lies
    We never really promised you paradise

    Flip flop, flip flop
    By the year 2000 this system must stop
    For the 1914 generation will not pass away
    Before jehovah brings his great day
    But now we've reached 1995
    And not many 1914'ers are still alive
    So let's get new light to shine again
    Before we have another failure to explain

    Flip flop, flip flop
    The number of anointed just won't drop
    Even though it's 70 years, and more
    Since we locked up Heaven's door
    We can never admit to making a mistake
    But we need to give a reason why so many partake
    So let's invite more to answer heaven's call
    By saying the gathering hasn't ended after all

    Flip flop, flip flop
    The doctrinal changes never stop
    It's oh so subtle how they back away
    From any teaching that has had it's day
    That so many of their members don't realise
    That what they're really teaching is a pack of lies
    They claim that new light has shone from afar
    Like the snake oil salesmen that they really are

    I might add a few more verses tomorrow.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Excellent and oh so true!

    Thanks for posting that Trev.


  • megsmomma

    That is awsome! I love poems that flow...and that one really did! It is amazing that they continue to lie....and decieve many....even though it is very clear that the guidance they provide is not from a higher power that cares.


    It's right on...Good Job! THX!


  • JK666


    Freakin' awesome poem!


  • Dagney

    Wow...I love it!!


  • OnTheWayOut

    In 1915, many found the door.
    In 1926, they lost even more.
    They learned from mistakes, on stealth they'd rely.
    Thereafter, statements were only implied.

    For 1975, they watched exactly what they said.
    "It was not us, but those that ran ahead."
    At millenium's end, they knew they'd be caught.
    A change in "generation" beforehand was taught.

    There were holes to fill like a door closing in 1935.
    "How do we explain how more anointed arrive?"
    "We will do what we did- say we were never wrong."
    "Just read our words now- we were right all along."

    "Ha, we can invent new light constantly," their leaders did bet.
    But they would have to demonize that damned internet.
    Foes have organized to tell others of their past.
    IT'S WORKING, IT'S WORKING, they're losing members fast.

  • jaguarbass

    Great Poem Ded Poet.


    Awesome. Pure genius. I love it.

  • jaguarbass

    Yours is good too, Onthewayout.

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