Did You Ever Think The Demons Were Bothering You?

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  • minimus

    It's easier to want to believe that the demons are after you than think you might have mental problems.

  • greendawn

    I once felt bothered when I accepted a book from a Catholic friend and as a result I threw it away. I put it all down to guilt later in time due to associating it with false religion and not because the book was demonised.

  • MadTiger

    Guardian Angels?

    Yeah, how about getting a demon personally assigned to you? (thoughts behind this poem)

    Looking for
    signs, omens, portents
    not demon-inspired, but divine,
    Guides to life if they are successfully deciphered
    But if these are just random,
    and coincidental,
    I’m planning a Fool’s Journey
    sure enough.
    For just as some believe in
    Guardian Angels,
    Divine Ones individually assigned,
    (There are enough to go around, myriads and all)
    There could be
    Tormenting Demons,
    fallen ones,
    Princes of Persia and other locales
    tasked with inciting and maintaining
    our misery.

  • oompa

    When I was little, if I heard a noise in my room or outside the window I would be scared to death. I remember pulling a thin red blanket over totally over my head and body and saying Jehovah or Jehovah help me!

    thanks mom, thanks dad....oompa...my kids can thank me too

    plus some have said I have a demon in my_____s

  • minimus

    Keeping an "apostate" book around will invite the demons.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Yes every time I walked into a kingdom hall !


    I now read books for Sylvia Browne and I don't have any issues with demons. I don't see her as a threat either, just another person giving us her opinions which sound pretty logical to me but I don't believe anything anymore 110%. The mind is a powerful thing. Through negative feedback from people, e.g. the WTBTS influence, we can get so scared that we do imagine demons haunting us. As the saying goes, "Whatever we believe is true." And that saying is totally true. I don't believe in being possessed by demons unless I know I am intentionally dealing with some hocus pocus crap. You play with fire, you will get burned.


  • 4digitcode

    i had a few dreams that really scared the crap out of me. it was always a demon trying to suck out my soul. the brothers asked if i had anything that might invite demons. i reluctantly said i had the davinci code and angels and demons by Dan Brown and there was a statue of a little angel that was my landlord's in the room i was renting.

    they looked at me like i was crazy.

    i told them i'd give them away to someone.
    they said no you would invite demons in their house.
    i told them i'd throw them out.
    they said no someone may stumble upon them and take them home.
    they said the best thing to do was burn them....

    WTF???? where? was i supposed to do a sacrificial chant and dance as well?

    i threw them away and by god i didn't have the dream for a long time. then they came back. now having a clearer mind to analyze that recurring dream i understand that it only meant i felt someone was trying to take over my life and i was losing control.......demons or the WTS??

    when i started freeing my mind from the JW the dream would come still and i wouldn't be scared of the demon anymore. he was just a part of my life but didn't frighten me anymore even when he approached me to suck my soul.
    not spooky because i repeat : it had nothing to do with demons.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The human psyche is very sensitive to powerful suggestions as evil or dangerous demons are present in lets say other churches than kingdom halls, and can be even more sensitive to

    young children, when I was a JW kid I was constantly scared of all those demons around me when and wherever I was at.

  • jaguarbass

    Back about 83 when I left the Tower, I started reading the bible. A couple of times I thought the demons were jumping on me and trying to get in while I was sleeping. I would pray to jesus and see the white light and then it seemed ok.

    Fast forward to 2007 either there are no demons or they have gotten in. You decide.

    I still have the same two cats.

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