Did You Ever Think The Demons Were Bothering You?

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  • changeling

    My mother taught me to constantly look over my shoulder for demons.

    If I had a bad day: demons. Family argument: demons. Yeast infection: demons. Can't seem to find your keys: demons.

    Demons, demons, demons...

    That's a hard habit to break.

    Funny thing happend when I realized I no longer beleived in god: I lost my fear of demons.

    Nice fringe benefit, don't you think?

    changeling- It's great to be free!!!!

  • MsMcDucket

    My mother was NOT a JW. She believed in poltergeists. She said that they liked children. But Mom wasn't scared of the poltergeists 'cause she was a firm believer in the "power of Jesus". I'd pray for the poltergeists that came to our house! My dad didn't believe in God. He said if God came to his house he'd kick his *heehaw*!

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The only demons I see now is when I eat allot of Mexican and then they are all around me.


    Oh yes, but only while I was a JW.

    When I started studying (after sowing my wild oats as a teenager) I had to throw away my Astrology and Yoga books. And once someone gave us some clothes, which I felt most uncomfortable with.

    But really, looking back I think the dub teaching of demons was just a way of instilling in us a deep fear that would keep us from getting curious about anything that was not pre-approved by the borg. Based on my experience I can truthfully call it a cult.

    Once I left the cult, that "demons around" feeling went away. Interesting.


  • Gregor

    In all fairness, I can't recall a single time they ever bothered me. They've actually been quite decent to me and I have never caused them any trouble. We have a good working relationship.

  • wednesday

    I recall right after joining this board i started a thread about this same thing, I got beaten to a pulp on the board. I was told i was crazy, ie, mentally ill and most were very rude. I still have not forgotten that. It came as a shock to me that a board for Xjws would find the belief in demons unusual. Really, this is typical jws think . as far a s mental illness, if a group believes it, it does not matter how weird it is, it does not make you mentally ill, b/c it is a part of a belief system.

    There are lots of explanations for" what goes bump in the night". I too enjoy reading Sylvia Browne. What she says makes a much sense as anything. I no longer am fearful of anything unseen.

    This board has been of great help. I have had the chance to read what others think and explore different philosophies. it's always good to keep an open mind.

  • flipper

    Yes. I remember it well. I was 10 years old. My dad, the city overseer and my mom had this district overseer and his wife stay with us . I think their last names were Jaracz. The man made me nervous with his stoic, quiet demeanor, he seemed to be mumbling something incoherrent, he must have been demonized. Then his wife (and this is the truth) who used to work in a hair salon, washed my 10 year old head of hair with some odd, previously unheard of chemical, and she hurt my head she massaged too hard. So she must have been possessed too. So yes, I'm probably the only JWD poster who was bothered as a child by these two obviously possessed people. I still have nightmares at age 48

  • ex-nj-jw

    Naw, they never offically botherd me. But I thought they were waiting for me at the top of the stairs and I wouldn't go to the bathroom by myself!

    Thanks mom and dad - I grew up being a scared of every dark corner, afraid to sleep alone in my bed and would hold my pee until someone came to the bathroom with me!


    OH, and calling out Jehoover's name didn't help, I was still scared!

  • primitivegenius
    Did You Ever Think The Demons Were Bothering You?

    yeah.............. they were called the watchtower bible and tract society.......... they still bother me if i let them

  • WTWizard

    Any time things were not going right, they told me that it was demons. No, it wasn't supernatural things--I knew better on that count. But they told me that my personal problems were the fault of the demons--I wish the demons would have sued the crap out of them for libel on that count.

    When the problems persisted, I realized that demons are not capable of causing problems that last my whole lifetime, but Jehovah is. So I realized that it was not the demons but Jehovah that was causing me non-fulfillment of personal needs. And He was obviously doing so in an attempt to extort ever more out of me. Auxiliary pioneer, and the problems would dissipate. Then, it would have been pioneer, hounder, traveling hounder, Beth Hell, and so on. Ultimately, I still would have not been satisfied, Jehovah would have gotten everything out of me, and there wouldn't have been a damn thing I could do. I even envisioned the new order where this would keep going on forever.

    Ultimately, I came to associate demons with times where things seemed to be righting themselves. This is because whenever that happened, Jehovah would soon step in and derail anything before I could truly benefit (that is, attract the opposite sex). I could tell that Satan was doing his best to correct it, if only to pxxx Jehovah off--and I could tell it was Satan and not Jehovah because of its never lasting. Now I think Jehovah has been bothering me all along, and trying to blame Satan.

    So much for the statement that it is impossible for Jehovah to lie.

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