Did You Ever Think The Demons Were Bothering You?

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  • MsMcDucket

    The story about the "Guardian Angel". When I was a very new baby, my mom had me laying on the couch while she was ironing. Well, that old cloth looking type ironing cord was damaged. It fried through and started whipping. My mom said it whipped all around me. She said she was screaming and went to get some water because the couch was starting to set on fire, and she said it was like something grabbed her hand and stopped her from throwing the water (?). The fire department arrived and they didn't know what to do? (I find that one hard to believe.) A neighbor heard all the screaming and hollering from about a block away. He ran in saw what was happening and went and turned off the fuse box! I was saved! The ironing cord never touched me. . .

  • minimus

    With my situation, my dad had bought me a little banjo oversees and my mother was convinced that it was demonized so per the Congregation Servant, she burned it.

  • MsMcDucket

    My mom believed that prayed over extra-virgin olive oil was like a demon deterrent! If any of her kids got sick, we got rubbed with prayed over olive oil! Them demons hate that like vampires hate light. The correct term for "rubbed down" would be getting anointed with oil!


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    With my situation, my dad had bought me a little banjo oversees and my mother was convinced that it was demonized so per the Congregation Servant, she burned it.

    Now, if it really was demonized it wouldn't have burned (like the tea cup that wouldn't break, the wooden furniture that wouldn't burn yadda yadda yadda). Nope, that was one thing growing up as a JW that never bothered me. BB

  • NewYork44M

    I was acused by my ex wife that I had demons flying through my head. I don't think she is right. However, if by chance I do have demons flying through my head we all are doing just fine. Thank you very much.

  • BFD

    Nope. They left me alone. However they did taunt both my brothers, one sister and my of course both mom and dad. Dad was never a JW but for some reason he'd get spooked by demonz.

    It was just me and my younger sister who were never invited to the party. Sometimes I think the rest of the family thought her and I might be possessed.


  • stillajwexelder

    No - but my brother-in-law (an elder) did

  • smellsgood

    When I was younger I used to have terrible convulsions and hear "voices". My mom was convinced that it must be "the demons". The congregation prayed over me and eventually I went to a doctor that was able to figure out why I was so sickly and presto: everyone's prayers were answered. >>>>>>

    Minimus, so what was going on with you?

  • ldrnomo

    One woman in the KH I was an elder in talked to me and another elder a few times and said she had demons in her house. She also said they were everywhere and even in the KH. I suggested to her that she may need to talk to a Psycoligist or some other mental health proffesional and she got a little irritated with me. It's a wonder that many more borg members aren't wigged out by demons the borg instills the fear in all it's members. Oh Oh I think there is one behind me right now gotta go

  • SacrificialLoon

    When I was a kid I got rid of my "Garbage Pail Kids" trading cards because I thought they were posessed. :(

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