Did You Ever Think The Demons Were Bothering You?

by minimus 47 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    When I was younger I used to have terrible convulsions and hear "voices". My mom was convinced that it must be "the demons". The congregation prayed over me and eventually I went to a doctor that was able to figure out why I was so sickly and presto: everyone's prayers were answered.

  • minimus

    Were the poor demons blamed for something that they obviously had nothin' to do with???

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Yes. Scared to death usually the night following a study about them. Stupid parents!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Speaking for the demons, it must really bother them to be blamed for so much of the world's problems that people do. Poor little demons!

  • MsMcDucket

    My beliefs are if there are demons, then they're has to be a counter- force for such a thing. If there's demons, then there's angels. My mom told me I had a "guardian angel". I like that thought!

  • thepackage

    Yes they bothered me but, I realized they were the elders and not demons!

  • Seeker4

    At some point pretty early on in my JW life, I decided that if I worshipped a god who was incapable of protecting me from ol' Satan and his bad boys, then he wasn't worth worshipping, and from that point on I never worried about demons as a JW.

    And guess what? They never bothered me either!

    And now that I no longer believe in either gods or demons - ALL of 'em leave me alone!

    G'd afternoon Min.


  • nvrgnbk

    They never bothered me before.

    Now they look out for me.

    Poor guys are so misunderstood.

  • snowbird

    Uh-huh. I bought into the theory that if you weren't bothered by demons, you evidently weren't doing something right.

    Now that I have renewed my acquaintance with Jesus of Nazareth, I don't think about them anymore.



    Not me, but boy......the JW's sure no how to make ya paranoid and think the worse about everything and everyone. Scared and suspicious besides.


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