How Would You Do in a Debate Against a Talented JW Apologist?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Johnny Cip would teach you well, I can tell. Garybuss gave advice on this before.
    When they try to have a showdown, and you participate, just flip it.

    Do you feel that Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth? or (Is this God's organization.)

    I agree with the Watchtower. (There's something in there you agree with.)

    You didn't answer. Do you feel that ...?

    I did answer. I agree with the Watchtower.

    Which Watchtower are you referring to?

    What do you mean?

    You say you agree with the Watchtower. What are you agreeing with?

    The Watchtower.

    I don't understand. What point are you agreeing with? Which Watchtower?

    I am making the point that I agree with the Watchtower, that is all?

    So do you feel that the Watchtower organization is God's representative on earth?

    As I already said, I agree with the Watchtower on that. (Go back and you will see that the organization
    was not supposed to be God's representative.)

    Which issue are you in agreement with?

    I don't have it all memorized. What point are you making about the Watchtower?

    Just keep flipping it back to your original statement. If they read something from the Watchtower, and
    ask if you agree with what they read, just stick with "I agree with the Watchtower." You could also
    get angry at some question to end the debate. "I don't like what you are implying. I am outta here."

  • worf

    I would cut them to shreds by using their own information.

    I long for the opportunity.

    Worf ( With a BATLETH on his arm )

  • hillary_step

    Most of us who "debated" with Robert King did not do it to win any arguments with him. One learns very early in XJWLAND that arguing with an agenda of any sort is a pointless waste of time and King leaked agendas as if afflicted with theological dysentry.

    We were always aware that there are far more lurkers than posters on this Board and that in his own Freddie II psychotic incarnation King was, and is, as good an apologist as stumbles onto these Boards. The goal was to win the attention of this sort of person.

    Perhaps Robert made more lurkers turn away from their congregations in his defence of the WTS than any of us could possibly have done even with any organized campaign, in the same way that in his attempt to defend the 607BCE-1914AD chronology Scholar convinced many of the failure of the WTS to manipulate the weight of evidence against this point of view.

    JWD is much more a Board of lightweight debate these days. The more agressive climate in the debates in those days was often very uncomfortable, but it tended to weed out the intellectually dishonest, the argumentum ad populum and the inclination to cling to flawed social and political dogma that we see to often these days.

    Come back Robert, for thine eyes have seen the Gory of the Coming of the King.



  • Kenneson

    When it comes to the Bible, I think that Leolaia would do superbly.

  • Twitch

    Not very well, I suspect.

    Prolly tell 'em to kiss my a$$


  • Vinny

    I have debated with dozens of capable and talented JW's on beliefnet and many more on other specific JW news articles that allow comments afterwards. The issues I have presented have never been truly challenged. Not even once.

    It is not a matter of how good one can debate as much as which side of the issue one is on. The JW's are on the wrong side today. And that is that. Mistake after mistake and false predictions after false prediction, doctrinal flip flops, medical disasters over and over again all the while claiming they alone are God's organization, and all the while condemning every other religious institution and people of those religions to destruction. This nonsense does not work for one single second.

    I have watched JW after JW get buried too many times to remember now. Or they change the subject... or run away and hide. It gets old after a while. Which is why I am no longer one today.

  • SirNose586

    I don't like to go into battle unless I've got the proof right at my fingertips. If I don't have the backup on a subject, I don't say a word. I like dealing in facts, which leaves me at a distinct disadvantage in a "debate."

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I think I could hold my own, only because I would not waste my time being drawn into a religious debate. They wouldn't even get a chance to open their bible until they prove many things to me, which they can't do.

    Prove your not a cult, prove to me that the bible is the word of god and try to justify, your cruelty to non beleivers.

    If you don't, theres the door mate. Don't waste my friggin time!

  • Twitch

    Seriously though, The few times I've engaged them at the door have been rather fun. 'course it's somewhat of an unfair advantage knowing the pitch and where they're coming from. Sure they can quote scripture and interpretation but it's just that, interpretation. Just saying that in itself is disarming. Just about everything they pitch can be countered and they tend to be ill equipped to think outside the box of course. However, over the years I've tended to back away from the debates and not just with witnesses. I don't see much point in it when both sides have their entrenched views and are only seeking to convert. Let's just agree to disagree; I'm ok with that. Your mileage may vary, but the whole point of proving who's right is pretty boring to me now. Perhaps I've become rather cynical and selfish, but I really don't care what others believe anymore. Have at 'er, fundie; isn't it great that's it's a free country after all,....

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    I think I would do ok if I was just as prepared with the topic. Mainly, most JW are a broken record! It always the samething.

    Also, I noticed they really just quote one scripture from a chapter here and there which is taken out of contexts to what the chapter is referring! It like the latest KM look how wrong it was with the scriptures they quoted! Well it is the samething with the debates!

    Most of these people are prepared and have an agenda! So really are they honest? If not YOU can slam dunk the hell out of them and leave their faces in the pavement. Then have a cold one! Oh and if you question them in person they will always say the same thing. If they do not know the answer: they say YOU should know this answer, YOU have been a JW for a long time! Well what can you say after that one! because you really do know the answer to any question you had asked them. plus some! So how can you challenge them to get them stimulated when they come back with that kind of silly reply!

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