Honestly, When You Were A Witness, Were You A Jerk?

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  • SacrificialLoon

    Of course I was better than everyone else! I was special. I was going to live forever and all these wordly people were going to get what's coming to them! At least that's what I felt at times when I was "persecuted" in school for not only being a religious weirdo, but also a bit of a nerd.

    A Jerk? Eh, maybe a bit of a passive agressive sort of jerk at times.

    A know-it-all? The only thing worse than a nerd is a nerd with a cause. Maybe not quite that bad, but yes.

  • sweetstuff

    I wouldn't say I was a jerk, I hated when people would gossip about someone else and say "oh they aren't doing so good in the truth". GRRRR!! But I had my jerkish, know it all moments, one I laughed about recently with a cousin I grew up with, I remember talking to her about ten years ago, she had left, I was still in and trying to "reason" with her, she told me she wanted to smack me right in the face, and I don't blame her, one little bit. I asked her to forgive me for my ignorance. Thankfully she did.

  • 4mylove

    From what i here my hubby was. He apparently did no evil heard no evil and spoke no evil. Sadly enough, he still doesn't but they just can't accept him as he is now...a more normal human being with feelings that he actually expresses.

  • 4mylove


    Didn't that make for a lonely life? BTW nice to meet you.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    I wasn't a jerk, but I did look down on people ... sometimes.

  • onacruse
    Did you think you were better than everyone else?

    Did you?

    Did you talk down to people?

    Did you?

    Were you a know-it-all?

    Were you? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Hortensia

    yeah, unfortunately, sanctimonious bitch for a while, then just a depressed wannabe

  • feelinsketchy

    YES, YES AND YES. My doctor summed it up by calling me a friggin prick ball breaker. And yes He was right. Thankfully, I've seen the "New Light" And with a liberal dose of alcohol, I'm a changed man. After leaving the "truth" I've seen the light and am cool as a cucumber.

  • jaguarbass

    Did you think you were better than everyone else? Did you talk down to people? Were you a know-it-all? There was a period of a few years 1972- Jan 1 76 that I thought I was blessed and fortunate to have special information. Then I found out I was full of shxt. I was a jerk in that I would knock on peoples doors on Saturday mornings sharing good news with them that was a lie. I havent committed such sins since 1983 so I think my karma should be good by now.

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Sometimes at the door I would be a bit sarcastic and sometimes I am sure I would make the householder feel inferior. I would never do that again and wish I never did. Live and Learn

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