How Honest Are You Really???

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  • BrentR

    I have had several incidents where I was honest and was made fun of for doing so. That is sad to say the least and shows that we still have some social evolving left to do. I am sure part of it was my JW upbringing but with me it's deeper then that.

    I deposited a $675 check and requested $150 cash back. When I got out to my truck the wad of twenties did not feel right and I counted $250. So I went back in and positioned myself in line so that I would get the same teller so nobody would find out. When I told the lady she at first did not believe me but then she found the check and turned white and then started crying. She was a single mom and eight mo's pregnant. She thanked me at least a dozen times and said she would most likely have been fired when she balanced the till that evening and came up with a $100 missing. She was allready in trouble for a similar incident and we all know what pregnancy can do to your focus and concentration. From that day on I was treated very well by all the staff at that bank after the word got out.

    It feels good to do the right thing and it may save someone's job also. It's easy to have the attitude that large corporations won't miss a few dollars but the corps will most certainly come down on the employees.

    I guess there are worse things to made fun about.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Now, I won't say I've always acted in a completely honest fashion, but I am honest for the most part, and I expect the same from others. I always frame the question to myself as "Is my integrity for sale for the few dollars I'll make here by being dishonest?" Makes it easy when you ask yourself the question in that way.

  • dobbie

    We once bought a bedroom furniture set and when hubby had paid he realised they had not charged for a £60 item!He was all for running off with it but i made him go back and pay.

    Recently at a garden centre they forgot to charge for about £30 worth of items (girl on till wasn't the brightest spark) but i didn't notice til i got home and saw things missing off the receipt. I was so worried that i rang straight away and told them and paid the next day cos i thought if i didn't i'd never feel able to shop there again!

  • mrsjones5

    I would have taken the coat back and had the sales slip corrected and paid the right amount for the coat.

    Just last week I was getting a shopping cart at the grocery store and in the child seat of the cart was a small purse with the picture of two kids on it. I could tell it was someone's money purse, mostlikely a Mom. So I took it to customer service and gave it to the guy behind the counter. He gave me a funny look when I told him where I had found the purse. Maybe he was surprised that it was turned in by someone of my skin color (I live in a mostly white area) I don't know. I didn't even look in the purse but maybe I should have because of the reaction I got from the clerk. Maybe I should have returned on my own. I just hope that person got their purse back with everything in it.


  • erandir

    I know darn well that no one in their right mind would sell a leather coat for 10 cents, so I would definitely not be able to walk away from that situation without talking to the manager and telling him/her what a dope the cashier is (but in a nice, tactful way, of course). 2 things combine here for me, the Golden Rule (or karma, or whatever you want to call it) and the fact that I'd be mad and disappointed with myself for taking advantage of an idiot.

  • coffee_black

    I would have told her.

    I once cashed my paycheck, and the teller gave me an extra $100. The bills were new, a couple were stuck together. I didn't notice until later that day. Problem was that the bank I cashed the check at is about 30 miles from where I live, and there wasn't enough time to get there before they closed for the day. So I called and told them what happened and told them that because of where I was scheduled to work, I wouldn't be in that area for a couple of days. I went back, as I promised, and had the hardest time giving them back the $100. It was kind of frustrating, but at least I felt like I had done the right thing.


  • erandir
    I didn't even look in the purse but maybe I should have because of the reaction I got from the clerk. Maybe I should have returned on my own. I just hope that person got their purse back with everything in it.

    Yeah, I feel the same way. I have found a purse in the parking lot of walmart and thought twice about taking it in to the lost/found at walmart, but sometimes there is liability involved in returning an item yourself. What if someone already found the purse, removed any cash from the it and put it back on the ground. Then if you return it in person, you get blamed for the cash missing. It's better to return it anonymously or take it to a lost/found and hope for the best.

    Also I found a wallet and took it to the house on the driver's license address and left it in the mailbox with a note saying where I found it. Basically I did what I would hope someone else would do if our situations were reversed.

  • minimus

    We have a lot of honest people here!

  • BrentR

    My experience with karma is it does not always come around like it's supposd to. But I have to have inner peace with myself and be aware that maybe when it does decide to come around it will be very big. Either way I can look myself in the mirror and sleep at night. Being honest is that one thing that I can do right and not screw it up.

  • megsmomma

    Ok....I don't know what this says about me, but, I will be honest with you with my story.

    We recently moved to NC...we were staying in corporate housing, and while we were out and about one day we went to Target and my husband saw this grill he'd been dying for. (Huge grill) It was on sale for 350.00 (instead of 500)

    He went back and forth on getting it...then finally decieded he would. He got a guy who worked there to help him and the guy went in the back and got the grill and loaded it on a flat cart.

    I went with the guy (and I had the baby with me) to the check out line and hubby went and got the truck (it was raining out) The cashier rang us up. I slid the debit card while talking to the cashier...didn't even notice the total.

    A couple weeks later hubby was looking over the bank statement and asked what we got at Target recently...I was like the grill...duh! He said we had a charge for 199.00 (close to that...taxes, ect.) I was like...HUH? I have not been back alone! I found the reciept...and we saw we had been charged way less!

    We thought about it and decieded not to return it. I guess because it had been a while and it wasn't rung up by hand...the cashier wasn't at fault....and it would not reflect on her. It was the stores loss and we felt it would be wrong to go get another one....but, felt like we weren't at fault and going back would be a real hassle.

    Well....KARMA comes.....We moved into our new house and hubby spends a few hours putting the thing together. He stands back to look at it and....IT IS NOT THE GRILL HE WAS DREAMING ABOUT!!!LOL!!! It was a cheaper he would have never bought for 199.00!

    It was a relief to us that we didn't do any wrong in the first place and the grill is really the better choicde for us. I guess it was meant to be.

    So......I guess we are not as honest as some of you by choice. But....we were honestly relieved to not have had that on our minds every time we used the grill!

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