How Honest Are You Really???

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  • minimus

    Here's the scenario: You buy an item and it's on sale for 10% off the original price. A new cashier charges you, instead of 10% off, 10 cents! This happened to a woman who bought a leather coat among other things and when she reviewed her slip she knew absolutely that the new cashier messed up. In her situation, the buyer of the 10 cent coat was in ecstasy over her purchase. When her sister asked her if she was going to tell the cashier of her mistake, she responded with, "that's HER problem".......What would YOU have done???

  • eclipse

    How could a cashier be stupid enough to make that big of a mistake? What country was this in?

    Sorry, forgot to answer your question, min!

    If I was charged only 10 cents, I would of looked at her like this:

    I would of asked her, ''Are you sure? 10 cents? That's all?''

    Depending on her answer is what I would do.

    If she does not catch on, she should pay for her mistake for being that stupid.

    I am stupid sometimes too, but if someone tried to help me see my mistake and I still don't see it right infront of my face,

    I should deal with the consequences..

    If she catches on, then I would gladly pay the correct price.

  • minimus

    USA---in Mass.


    hmmm. This is a good one. I am a pretty honest guy. I would have to say Id go back. But, then again, that could change if I was in that situation.

  • changeling

    Something similar happend to me at JC Penney.

    I returned some items that did not fit my husband.

    I had purchased them on sale.

    The cashier gave me back the amount of the original price.

    I pointed this out to her.

    She could not be bothered fixing her mistake.

    I made money on the deal.

    I left feeling I had done the right thing by pointing out the mistake and allowing her to opportunity to rectify it.

    She chose not to.

    Shame on her.


  • buffalosrfree

    taken it back of course, being a dub has nothing to do with being honest, it (Honesty) is product of how you were raised and the personal morals you have as an individual imo of course. I teased a cashier at a bank a while back, got $100.00 check cashed told her I wanted, 1 $100 bill, 2 $50's and 5 $20's and she gave them to me, so I laughed told her is she sure this is what she wants to do and she asked if she had shorted me I told her no! you have given me to much pointed out her mistake and you had to be there to see the look of relief on her face when she realized what she had done (and no she wasn't blonde).

  • minimus

    This morning I went to Walmart and bought 6 cans of tennis balls. 1 was less than the other 5 by 10 cents. The cashier took that one first and was going to charge me the lower price for all of them. I quickly told her that the other 5 were more. I agree that your honesty usually comes from your upbringing.

    Even when I play board games just for fun, I won't cheat.

  • eclipse

    I've brought back grocery items (on the bottom of the cart) that I accidently did not put through the check out and paid for them.

    Why? I would of felt bad if i didn't

  • golf2

    I'll share two experiences. I once cashed a cheque that amounted to $1200.00. The cashier added another two hundred. I asked the cashier twice to check the amount,she said everything was OK. I had to bring it to her attention that she had given me an additional $200.00!!!! She blushed and meekly said, thank you.

    Another experience is when a women drop an envelope containing $75.00 cash and a visa bill in a super market line. In short, the lady was no where to be found,so, I went to her bank which was near-by and I told the manager the situation, he then called the husband at work. The husband was furious that his wife had dropped the envelope containing the contents I described. Never once did he thank me, the manager just shook his head in disbelief.

    When I share these experiences with others, they all said, why I would have kept the money, that's there mistake.

    Sorry to say, there are many dishonest golfers.

    Is honesy the best policy, YES!!!!


  • sweetstuff

    I would not feel right walking out of the store, knowing I just ripped someone off because of a mistake.

    you have given me to much pointed out her mistake and you had to be there to see the look of relief on her face when she realized what she had done (and no she wasn't blonde).

    And people wonder why I sometimes dye my hair brown? lol

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