Does God love you?

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    make us in His image, dear Rabbit... and may you have peace.

    He made Ad-ham in His image. We... are made in Ad-ham's image... AFTER he sinned. That is why WE are as we are. If we had been made in God's image, we would be like Adam was BEFORE he sinned... and like Christ: without sin.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • AGuest

    Could be - LOLOLOLOL! (peace to you!). But I asked others and apparently it's something to do with the html, etc., on the site. Anyway, I am sorry if I have "gone on" too long for you. Good night!


  • AlphaOmega

    But that really has nothing to do with this, because God is NOT “Jehovah.” True, some folks have tampered with “the Bible” and SAY that God’s name is “Jehovah.” But the Bible TELLS us what God’s name is. Psalm 68:4. It’s there. We can read it for ourselves. Did we? But that’s beside the point.

    I am sure that you are aware that God revealed many names for himself, not just the unpronounceable tetragamatron, for example "I Am that I Am"...

    It's also true that some here do blame “Jehovah” – however, I did not see that happen in this case, specifically. I saw some blaming God.

    Then already I feel that this response is futile because you have failed to grasp the equation that I mentioned earlier... so here it is again (expanded).

    For many people, WATCHTOWER represents GOD = JEHOVAH = ALL GODS

    But then, you’d have a problem: you see, “people” didn’t blame God when “they” heard/found out that Catholicism had lied to them. They didn’t blame God when they found out that Protestantism had lied to them. They didn’t blame God when they found out that “Christendom” had lied to them. And the WTBTS is no different than these: they are false christs and false prophets, too. So, let me ask you: why are “people” blaming God now?

    I would suggest that you haven't met that many people then. In the course of my work, pretty much every week I meet people that have had bad things happen to them UNDER THE BANNER OF RELIGION, and so they blame God.

    The problem is that these organisations and dogmatic preachers claim to have the answers - they present their views in such a way that they claim it to be truth.

    You are doing the same.

    When people (not just JWs) but when people come up against these organisations and preachers, it is easy to accept that they have all the answers, simply because of their passion and drive. Sadly they don't have all the answers.

    I see people blaming the "Catholic God", the "Protesant God" and several other "Gods"... yet WE know that there is but one God, but he gets tarnished by these organisations who use him as their corporate logo !

    But “the Bible” never said they WERE the truth. WE… simply believed THEM…

    Yes, and I have just explained why.

    We could have done what GOD said to do… what “the Bible” said to do. We COULD have listened to THE SON… or even read “the Bible”… where he/it says that HE is the Truth and that NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT through him!

    It's easy to say that now... but how many years did it take you? Did you jump straight from "Jehovah" to God ? How can people see the truth if they are having the WTBTS' teachings crowding it out all the time ?

    “Experience that was forced upon them” by who, God? Seriously?! Both you and I know that our experiences are the result of one of three things: choices our parents make… choices we make… and choices society/our government makes. Period. IF we were misled by religion it is NOT because God forced religion upon us: it is because our parents chose our religion… or we chose it. Or society chose it. Period. True, they/we may have been lied to… but WE… CHOSE… to BELIEVE… the lie. And now, some of us are doing it again. Here.

    Some here had their choices made from them by their parents, it is not a simple case of "Choosing to leave"... Some people have been conditioned since birth that God is the Watchtower's Jehovah !

    Children are like sponges - they soak it all up. How hard would it be for you to "unlearn" something that your parents taught you? Very hard.

    To use a biblical parallel, those people are "born into bondage". They have been freed, but are now in the desert on their way to the promised land.

    You choose to journey alongside them, telling them "I live in the promised land, I know the way"... but you tell them in such a way that you correct every step, you attack them when they put a foot out of line. Therefore they see you and think "She is a product of the promised land ??? I think I'm better off where I am".

    First, dear Alpha, please, if you will… tell me what a “Christian,” is. What makes one a “Christian”? Second, not all who call themselves “Israel” are Israel, are they? The WTBTS claims to be led by “the anointed.” Good lordy… what a LIE! Yet, most of those “we” knew were sweet, kind, old folks, weren’t they? Yet, they have put their trust… their entire LIVES… in a lie. IF they were “anointed”… why didn’t holy spirit LEAD THEM OUT?

    A Christian is someone that accepts the ransom sacrifice of Jesus.

    Look at the example you cited earlier about Jesus and the money changers... His Spirit got inflamed then... why ? Because people were exploiting "the elect". Those wishing to please God were being exploited in HIS name ! Can't you see ?

    I do see. And I ask you: whom did he get angry with?

    He got angry with those who CAUSED the issue. He got angry with the money changers. He threw their tables around. He disrupted their business !

    He got angry at those who were exploiting those trying to please God. 50% of the accounts say that he also drove out people that were buying, but the next passage in Matthew shows that he then acted with compassion:

    Matthew 21:13-14 CEV


    He told them, "The Scriptures say, 'My house should be called a place of worship.' But you have turned it into a place where robbers hide."


    Blind and lame people came to Jesus in the temple, and he healed them.

    This is the very reason that so many people here are angry - because they suffered at the hands of the modern day money changers !!!

    What does that have to do with my Lord and the money changers? His anger was that those who were at fault. Here, the anger is directed at GOD... who is NOT at fault. But why is that? I refer you to the truth I shared with you, above.

    It has everything to do with it... My point is that YOU should be directing your anger towards the people that were the cause also. You should be directing your anger towards the modern day money-changers - the WTBTS.

    I know that the following idea of mine is fiction, but I picture that after Jesus tore up the money-changers tables, that he went outside the temple, and spoke with the people that were trying to worship there. Probably calmly sitting down with them and explaining that they were being misled by people turning the worship of God into a business.

    Can we think of any modern day people that turn people's hopes of a relationshop with God into a business?

    So, in order to be Christlike, you should be do the same, but instead, you attack the victims

    I’m sorry – I’m confused. “These” have been put-off God “by an organization”… and as a result malign, slander and falsely accuse God… and I’m the “bad guy”? Seriously?! Where is “there” love and compassion? As I said… hypocrites.

    Their love and compasion is evident when you speak with them. Which you have not done - you have spoken AT them.

    Do “you” TRULY want to find yourself having slandered the TRUE God? TRULY? “You” are so righteous in your own eyes?

    Have I slandered God ? Hmmm. No.

    No, they’d rather me say, “Yeah, “scr*w God,” right along with them, right? Now, THAT would be real “Christian” of me, wouldn’t it? Seriously…

    No they'd rather you do as several did on this thread and explain your viewpoint - in a kind manner and compassionate manner.

    The TRUE God only speaks to people ONE way. Through His Son. There is NO other way. None. Zippo. Zilch. Now, that Son might send an angel, but if whatever “way” does not come THROUGH the Son… it is NOT from God.

    Narrow minded and incorrect. What of the Spirit? What of the disciples drawing lots to discerne God's will ?

    You don’t “experience” God, dear Alpha. He is not some abstract entity that uses “signs and portents” to communicate with us. He is a person. A real, live person. He is just a SPIRIT as opposed to flesh with its blood. And in order to see and hear Him, we must worship Him… with SPIRIT… and TRUTH.

    My personal experiences with God are not for you to pick apart. Even though I keep telling you that I am a Christian - you seem blind to the fact. You seem hellbent on selling us your own brand of dogma and arrogance.

    First, dear Alpha, please, if you will… tell me what a “Christian,” is. What makes one a “Christian”? Second, not all who call themselves “Israel” are Israel, are they? The WTBTS claims to be led by “the anointed.” Good lordy… what a LIE! Yet, most of those “we” knew were sweet, kind, old folks, weren’t they? Yet, they have put their trust… their entire LIVES… in a lie. IF they were “anointed”… why didn’t holy spirit LEAD THEM OUT?

    A Christian is someone that accepts the ransom act of Jesus' sacrifice.

    As to leading people out of the WTBTS, have you ever considered that passage from Revelation which states that God will call his people out of false religion by saying "Come out of her MY people" ?

    That implies that God has "his" people inside false religion ! Why would that be ? Only he knows that answer - but I don't doubt that they would be doing good inside the false religions - waiting for him to call them out.

    WHY then, do you, by your actions portray God to be arrogant, and unapproachable ?

    That is really is merely your perception and I am not entirely sure all would agree with you. That you feel this way… and perhaps a few others… does not concern me. My concern lies with the opinion of my Lord: at the end of the day, it’s HIS “well done, good and faithful servant” that counts – not yours.

    Let them come on this thread and speak then. I have respect for Outlaw - he has defended you. I know him to be a good poster. But I am sure the even he would think that your delivery is awful here.

    You deliver a message of love in a wrapping of dogma and arrogance !

    Is that how you intend to appear ?

  • nvrgnbk


    My peace remains, and I remain a slave of Christ, to time indefinite.
    Then why don't you just end your human life now, and be with, eternally, the God which you so love, and whom has given you such deep and personal assurances of your after-life with Him?

    I'm with ona.

    We're not worthy of your wondrous words, AGuest.

    God is waiting for you.

    Why delay the bliss.

    Just let us continue to be.

  • anewme

    I have come to the conclusion that I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GOD, let alone that he loves me.

    And who's fault is that?

    I have spent years trying to contact Him and do things to attract him to me.

    Life is mysterious and wonderful and sucks all at the same time.

  • Anti-Christ

    Nice, nvrgb. I think I going to read that one.

    To answer your question, I don't think the god of the bible loves me, the important thing is that I love myself. By believing I am a sinner and I don't deserve god's favor or that I am not worthy of him and that I need a sacrifice to be accepted by him, does not help with my self esteem, if you don't have self esteem, you can not be happy and your are going to be dependent on outside sources to fill that empty feeling inside. Most of us did not have the proper childhood to develop our self worth so many of us turn to different things to fell good about our self. Sometimes the things we turn too makes things worst, sometimes it helps.

    AGuest. We are the product of conditioning. You have western beliefs. The god you know is the god you were condition into believing.

  • onacruse


    May you have peace!

    Thank you.

    why don't you just end your human life now, and be with, eternally, the God which you so love, and whom has given you such deep and personal assurances of your after-life with Him?

    Assuming your question is coming from a good motive,

    What does my motive have to do with anything? Would it change your answers if you thought that I was just trying to jerk you around? If so, how does that correlate with the unchanging, and unchangeable, reality of your Lord?

    I would reply, first, that I don’t need to end my human life to be, eternally, with the God I “so love.” Through Christ, He is with me now, 24/7… and I with him. That is what being “in union” means. Thus, my assurance is for now (“Look I am WITH you. ALL the days until the conclusion…”) which is why we receive a “token”… AND for the future, when we receive the literal reality.

    So are you now living a non-literal reality?

    Second, I LOVE my life… every bit of it… every day. I have NOTHING to be unhappy about… in my life. Any sadness I feel is for others who are still struggling, still trying to “find the truth,” still trying to make sense out of this life and this world. My heart cries for them, and their “tribulations,” whatever they may be (although, I must be honest and say that I think some of “us” in this world ought to feel less sorry for ourselves and more sorry for those who are experiencing great hunger, disease and/or death, for whatever reason…).

    So your Lord lets you live a life of peace, while He lets billions of others live a life of misery...and your posts on this discussion board are somehow a solace to the world of the unloved-by-the-Lord masses whom the Lord has not yet touched by His Lordly Lordliness?

    Third, even if I were not happy... my life is not mine to end. It was purchased with the blood of another and so it belongs to HIM… to do with as HE wills. So far, his will has resulted in GREAT blessings for me.

    So then you are happy being a slave, eh? Rather like the Israelite who was so happy to be a slave that he would let his Master put an awl through his earlobe as a manifestation of how happy he was to remain a slave for the rest of his life...and pass that wonderfully fulfilling legacy on to his children and grandchildren.

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