What "Unwritten Rules" Did Your Congregation Have?

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  • truth_b_known

    As a Ministerial Servant I went from being the Sound Servant, to the Magazine Servant, to the Literature Servant. I got called into the backroom once by the elders because, as the Literature Servant, I should be placing more books than magazines. I was commended on all other areas of field service.

    So, I guess the Sound Servant has to answer the most at the meetings. The Magazine Servant has to place the most magazines. The Accounts Servant has to donate the most money. The Territory Servant has to work the most terroritories.

  • shopaholic

    Two door car indicates you're not putting the kingdom first

    No sleeveless blouses, if so, shoulder caps must be covered

    No red nail polish

    No ankle bracelets

    Nylons are a must

    No open toed shoes

    No ethnic hairstyles for pioneers

    No short, pixie hairstyles as it indicates a woman asserting masculinity

    Backroom seats on right for Df'd

    Backroom seats on the left for families with rowdy kids

    Pioneers should have minimum literature order of 40 mags a month

    If you're a pioneer working full time, you were not as faithful as those that worked part time. You could be doing more for the kingdom.

    Sitting together at meetings meant you were dating

    Working in service together meant you were dating

    If you are really dark skinned, you could not dye your hair a light color. Too much attention.

    If you are shapely, you can only wear a potato sack so as not to have other sister's husbands fantasize about you

    A female JW cannot comment after a male JW.

  • TheWanderer

    While I'm sure the level of expectation for appearance was more detailed for the women than for us males, I didn't really hear much in the way of 'rules' for appearance, just that there was a certain sense of the style - JW Fashion, as it were, heh. I vaguely recall mention when Miami Vice became popular about not wearing those stylish sport coats with the sleeves pushed up in a circuit assembly once, but that was about it. Personally, I wore colorful stuff on occasion without getting too much flak, but that may come from the southern California environment, I don't know.

    Although I'll agree to the 'no beards' bit, not even a goatee. Moustache only or clean shaven, even long sideburns could be on the 'worldly' side of appearances.

    (Granted, my experiences end about 20 years ago, so I'm very much behind the times, lol)

  • minimus

    ( I still love these types of threads).

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