What "Unwritten Rules" Did Your Congregation Have?

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  • undercover
    I asked the girl what she wore and showed me the skirt.

    You dirty old man...

  • minimus

    Underwear, I mean Undercover, then I asked her to model it for me.

  • DaCheech

    Could not wear a hankerchief in suit pocket that matched tie (drew too much attention to self)

    Could not hold girfriends hand, until you were engaged

    Mosty people dating in my hall were coundeled not to date for more than 6 months.... marry or else!

    I broke that rule!, and the others!

  • dogon

    I know of rules from several cong. in california they would not say a thing about kids buying kegs and having kegger partys on the beach. In michigan that would get you reproved at min.

    I remember the NO leisure suit rule, the not colord shits rule. No beards was and is org wide. The colord shit rule was an unwriten rule adopted by many cong. as showie display of ones self. Not being humble type thinking.

    I can remember women could not give talks if they has any combonation of red white and blue.

    The list has no end. You can not be a MS or elder if you are cought watching R rated movies.

    I can remember fred best now pased on used to watch laugh in and at the time this was a very eye brow raising thing to do for a rank and file little own a member of the 144 thousand as fred was.

    The rules will never quit as long as there are iditos

  • Brymichmom

    We were told that when we went to the District Conventions in California, to NOT associate with the California JW's because they were spiritually immature. We were in Arizona, and they constantly talked down about California JW's, not to trust them, they were on a path to destruction....etc....

  • minimus

    I knew of a Service Dept. heavy who said to me something like, ''well what do you expect? They're from California".

  • Brymichmom

    And so I moved to California about two years after I left the Borg. I've been running a support group here for the last 5 years. Hey, California Ex JW's a lot of fun!

  • dogon

    In vanderbuilt if you took a sister home from or to meeting and you and her were the only ones in the car, she had to ride in the back.

    I have seen so many "rules" and most are by what is up the butt of the local elders.

    These small minded people love rule over others.

  • ssrriotsquad

    On two door cars:

    I knew a brother that had a ute. He was spoken to several times about it and he always replied "The only reasons why I have a ute instead of a sedan is:

    1/ I use it for work (as he worked in the building industry). There is no point for me to have a sedan when I get a load of timber or gravel, I would have to tow a trailer every day to work.

    2/ It is cheaper to run one car then two cars or a car with a trailer, especially when the Society wants us to simplify our lives.

    3/ They do not make utilities with four doors. (This was before invention of the dual cab utes)

    4/ Who will take the lawn clippings and green waste when we its our turn to do the gardening?

    5/ What are you getting onto me for? Why not elder so & so? He is married and has only a ute for the same first four reasons as I do."

    Another brother in the same cong had the most unforgiven sinful of the two door vehicle - the Panel Van (aka 'Shaggin Wagon').

    When he was asked why he had the PV, his reply was simply the best. "So I can take your daughter/missus to the drive-in/beach."

    He was actually a butcher by trade and the PV was very well insulated like an esky.

  • besty

    resurrecting this thread as just heard the following:

    Elder, with neat beard, goes to neighboring congregation to give public talk. Not allowed on the platform as he had a beard.

    This happened in the south of England 2 weeks ago. Burgess Hill Congregation to be specific.

    I thought this beard thing had died away, but apparently not.

    How truly pathetic.

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