My wife just left me.

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  • BFD

    ooomy, not funny! Did you ask her what she learned today?


  • oompa

    I am soooo glad I found this site! Also that so many here have a great sense of humor. Even though I sas already in a good mood today and posted this dumb gag post, you guys have make me feel even better.

    Now to respond to a few posts, and this may take a bit......

    Homo-vah says: Oompa your wife isn't at a study she's with me and we just finished having sex, she says your spending far too much time on the computer to pay her any attention.

    I am printing this post and saving it, but I need one more witness so I can have grounds, and I may need them soon.

    BumbleBee : Just as a FYI - there have been Saturday morning book studies in my area and surrounding cities for over 20 years. It may not be common in all areas.

    Thank you BB, this single post could prove me authentic, and Outlaw the liar, but unfortunately I have long suspected out our neighbor to the north was communist and probably cant meet on sat.

    Outlaw: I will eat your Liver!.....I`ve never had a book study in the morning,on a Saturday,in decades..It still dosen`t happen here..It`s hard enough to get people out in the field service Saturday morning..AND..Now theres a book study first?
    One thing I find very unbelievable is oompa`s Wife goes to "Yoga Class" with a heavy wieght "PO`s Wife"..???...How many people here know of any JW,with any position in the congregation,that would attend a "Yoga Class"???..Swimming in a YMCA pool can get you Disfellowshipped!.....Yoga is out and out Demonism to Jehovah`s Witness`s..Every Active JW I know,would be scarred sh*tless to attend a "Yoga Class"..It would never be tolerated within the congregation...OUTLAW

    Dang, somehow I missed shift and hit enter again, which is how this post started! Anyway I am doing a quick edit, and then I will finish my post.

    Point with Outlaw on this was, (first bring your knife and fork, farva beans and Cianti) Man did I love switching to Sat. bk study a few years ago. Only ONE night screwed up a week. The plan was to INCREASE service hours, since if you were already dressed up for the meeting, you might as well go out.

    Also, some Canadian must scare easily. Lots of JS'w down here do yoga for excersize, and just keep it to themselves. No harm no foul. You also said earlier I could not teach what I want, but I did, you just have to be careful who you teach it to.

    thinking in the USA....oompa

  • oompa

    Having some strange posting problems. test. the post before me would not post til I sent this one.

  • sass_my_frass

    Oompa, why so aggressive - you shouldn't ask her that after every meeting, it would be exhausting for her.

  • oompa
    ex-nj:You need a spank'n

    I may take you up on it, but Outlaw deserves it!

    Sass my frass: Oompa, why so aggressive - you shouldn't ask her that after every meeting, it would be exhausting for her.

    OK, maybe once a week? Just making nice conversation.
    truthsearcher :Oompa: I came to this thread, all full of compassion and tenderness, only to discover it isn't needed. Now what am I going to do?????

    Dont waste it, I still think I can take full advangage of it TS, what is your phone # and adddress?

    Shell69: OOMPA!!!! Thats nasty.

    Just the way you like it baby!!!!....oompa

  • LoverOfTruth

    I used to love it when my Husband (Now ex) used to go to meetings. I enjoyed the personal time.

  • brunnhilde

    oompa! You scared me, man! Hope it does stay just a joke


  • oompa

    LOL....good time for a bump eh??.......thanks all.......oomps

    at least my humor has not changed much.....

  • sacolton

    No more Watchtower brain-washing ... Oompa does it himself.

  • still_in74

    holy crap! you had me going oompa!!

    good point about asking what she learned..... she will surely get tired of trying to think of something with any substance!

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