old pink songbook / pamphlet style one

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  • POs Son
    POs Son

    I recall when they switched to the Brown songbook, "Sing Praises...", the song numbers were given from BOTH the pink and brown book, for those who had not yet purchased the new one. For some time, they were limited to songs that were found in both books.

    I still have my large format Brown book, along with red pleather slip-cover from Ireland. Im not sure why I kept that after all these years. I even got the CD's of the music years after leaving, telling myself that they were "just good music". I think that the tunes reminded me of some of the good times, not the lies.

  • Sunspot

    For some reason, I kept the brown hardcovered songbook when I tossed out most all of my WTS litter-ature, and I was quite surprised when somebody on a discussion board mentioned something I never realized before.

    The WTS claims to be "Christian" (as in being followers of Christ, right?)....... but this WTS-approved songbook has only seven out of the 225 song titles listed ---that are dedicated to Jesus Christ!

    Kinda TELLS ya something, doesn't it?

  • oompa

    Geeze my memory sucks! I have everybodys singing Loyal Love, when the song number on the Van must have been maybe 63 or 62? It was "Were Jehovah's Witnesses", that way anyone who saw their van knew they were JW's (if they knew their songbook).

    And OUTLAW is still too funny!!!:

    Oompa..A 4th generation JW and you don`t have any relatives with massive WBT$ Librarys..Strange..???..LOL!!...OUTLAW

    Do you still not believe my 1919 chicken story? My relatives probably have boxes of old songbooks, I just haven't seen any displayed on fireplace mantels though. Would ANYBODY ever want to boast about something as shameful as being 4th gen? And damn if I didn't create a 5th. Grew up believeing the best bible was green and three inches thick....oompa

  • Crafty Lady
    Crafty Lady

    The pink one is the one I remember. Of course, I left in the mid 70's. Does anyone remember that one about Lazarus that sounded like a dirge. Talk about depressing.

    Lazarus lay sleeeeping in a cold stone grave, How his sisters mourned him, non there him could save.....

    What always cracked me up was how they had to use really strange words or word order to rhyme.

    Oh, bad memories.


  • tfjw

    I remember the pink one very well and I've seen these on e-bay every once in a while ranging from $5.00 and up to $20.00. Saw one in a used book store up north one day but never had any urge to pick it up. The "Loyal Love" song is also in the current JW songbook.

    About the Green bible, I remember that too and still have a few copies of those musty smelling things. I remember though before we had those we had blue or brown leatherette American Standard Versions (1901 edition), that was before the New Worst Translation.

  • Sunspot
    The pink one is the one I remember. Of course, I left in the mid 70's. Does anyone remember that one about Lazarus that sounded like a dirge. Talk about depressing

    THAT was such a terrible song for ANYTHING.... let alone to be used in worship or praise! I dont think anyone actually LIKED it!

  • zeroday

    I can remember some of the songs that were rarely sung that everyone hated. Half the congo would not be singing because they hated them. How embarrassing I would feel when even I could not sing them. Absolutely loved the "Loyal Love" song...

  • LoverOfTruth

    I have a couple of these books. If anyone would like them, please send a P.M. I will mail one to you. First come first serve.

  • Hortensia

    yeah, we had to memorize all the books of the bible, and the apostles and the generations from Adam to god knows whom - and if you got to be a smartass and learned all those, then there were the kings of Judah and Israel and the prophets and the Babylonian and Persian kings - what a load of useless information.

  • Purza

    How about this chart topper:

    This is Jehovah's Day...

    This was one of my favorite songs to sing! (as if I could sing)

    Much better than "There's Balsam in Fair Gilead".


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