old pink songbook / pamphlet style one

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  • monophonic

    my dad used to give out lame kid assignments where we'd have to draw scenes from the book study.

    of course that's apostacy now in view of the september KM.

    so glad i'm out of that flip-flop running commentary apocalypso tango.

  • Es

    now im singing Loyal Love hehehe. I remember those pink songbooks.


  • AlphaOmega

    I think that i have a copy - I can PDF it in a day or so if that'll help ???


  • AlphaOmega
  • AlphaOmega
  • brinjen

    There's that feeling again just won't go away alt

  • OICU8it2

    We're Jehovah's Witnesses Proudly we proclaim our name Keep publishing my name near and far Prove that my Witnesses you are. Always proving oneself. God, I can't get these out of my head. My brother (never in the troof and skeptical of me) used to record a tape once in a while on an old Mellotron of Kingdom songs and send 'em to me in parody.

  • bbdodger

    Loyal love (pause) God is Love (pause) that's all I can think of. I can hum the melody. Thanks for the lyrics.

  • bbdodger
    I haven`t been to a Kingdom Hall in decades..They don`t have "piano players" any more?..What do they use for music?..Tape?..CD?...

    I remember that since about 1987(year is approx.) or so, they stopped using a piano player, as NOT to "draw attention" to someone's talent. Does anyone else remember that?

    And in our cong., it was always tapes... and not the orchestra tapes that were used during assemblies... but pre-recorded boring piano tracks. As a child, I taught myself to play piano, and to this day I still use a lot of the same left hand chord patterns as frequently used in Kingdom Songs.

  • bbdodger

    When you were a kid, did your book study conductor assign the children projects like memorizing the order of a certain number of Bible books. From that experience I can still name them off in rapid order: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, etc. etc. etc. Do BS conductors still do things like that for the kids?

    YES! I can still rattle off the 66 books of the bible in the same rhythmic pattern... and also I remember memorizing the 12 apostles. My mother made a mobile for my bedroom that I could look at before going to bed at night, that had the names of each apostle. I had flash cards too.

    So... there WERE things for the kids!!!

    Remember going to "banquets" and pot lucks, and seeing other JWs in their "street clothes", and how odd it was to see men in jeans, and women in pants instead of frumpy dresses??? Okay, off topic, sorry.

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