old pink songbook / pamphlet style one

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  • bbdodger

    Which song was #61???

  • zeroday

    Which song was #61???

    Loyal Love God is Love. This truth cheers us form above Love caused God to send his Son who for us the ransom won, That we might gain righteousness life eternal hapiness:

    Hey there all you thirsty ones come and drink life's water free Yes come drink you thirsty ones Gods living kindess see...

  • startingover

    I am amazed! I sit here reading the lyrics, alone in the house right now (no JW wife present) and I can actually remember the melody and am singing them. Has anyone every thought of doing this at an apostofest just for the hell of it?


    I haven`t been to a Kingdom Hall in decades..They don`t have "piano players" any more?..What do they use for music?..Tape?..CD?...OUTLAW

  • journey-on
    nostalgia for something JW

    When you were a kid, did your book study conductor assign the children projects like memorizing the order of a certain number of Bible books. From that experience I can still name them off in rapid order: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, etc. etc. etc. Do BS conductors still do things like that for the kids?

    More nostalgia: Do you remember "unassigned territory"?

  • LeslieV

    It is amazing how much you remember as soon as you look at the words. Are they still using those songs? I haven't been inside a KH for 10 years. I no longer have any of the publications...I threw them all away when I left.


  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Oh thanks alot bbdodger, now this will be stuck in my head all night!

    What will you bring? Jehovah's Kingdom. Triumph of truth...


    Isn't it funny how you NEVER forget those songs? I could sing so many of them and it has been absolutely ages since I was even in a KH!

  • monophonic


    i still go the memorial for a variety of reasons, and i have a green bible (the dinosaur bible) and i've been on the look out for a 70's songbook so it looks like i was stumbled in 1975....even though i'm too young to have been stumbled in '75.

    it's for shits and giggles to myself.

    speaking of shits and giggles i just went and saw a fellow writer do some stand up tonite and he had this bit where he talked about being atheist, but the only religion he would join is the vagina witnesses, he saw vagina in 1986 and would like to offer you a copy of the crotch tower. i know i'm saying it wrong, i gotta find out exactly how he said it but it was funny as shit.

  • monophonic

    skimmer, i'm all for burning material if it's cathartic. good for you.

  • monophonic

    thanks will, someone must've snagged 'em, i'm not finding it....if my head is up my ass feel free to pm me the link.


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