Guys: How do you show your interest?

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  • R.F.

    Nvr summed it up pretty well.

    Overall though, just being straight up and honest to the point that they'd have no doubt in their mind that there is an interest.

  • Mary
    Nathan said: Pitch a tent in her frontyard?

    Was that you camped out front the other night Nathan? Geeze, I thought it was nvrgnbk.......I wouldn't have used the shotgun or called the cops had I known otherwise.

  • Who are you?
    Who are you?

    You talk about how beautiful her eyes are...the shape of her soft her skin you like the sound of her voice...the way she laughs...

  • UnConfused

    Put a frog down her shirt and punch her in the arm.

  • RubaDub

    THE secret for guys ... it worked for me ...

    Buy ice creams come for both of you ...

    ,,, let her notice how skilled you are with your tongue to not let a drop of ice cream drip off ...

    I'm not kidding on this one. It works.

    Rub a Dub

  • free2beme

    Talk to her, some compliments, and doing something fun that you like and see if she likes the same thing. Maybe a topic of conversation of something active. As time progress, some casual touching and see if you get the same thing back. Soon some touching that might lead to a kiss and see if the response is going well. If the comfort level is working, and the person seems more in to it. Go further until someone says or shows, "LIMIT." For the most part, LIMITS have gone from a kiss to now most of my friends are getting sex in the first date or even hours.

  • nvrgnbk

    I like the word woo.

    Sounds fun!

    Mary, I'd appreciate your discretion next time I pitch a tent in your front yard.


  • kerj2leev

    I usually punch her in the arm, then run away or push her. That seems to do the trick!

  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang

    I would've thought that pitching a tent anywhere in a woman's general vicinity would be as an unequivocal a sign of interest as it's possible to give off*

    *unless you're wearing sufficiently loose clothing...or you've been short-changed by Mother Nature

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I guess this is where I have been short changed in the social skills department growing up in the Borg. I have been told I am easy to talk to, but it never seems to go past that and I seem to be too blind to see the signs of interest on her part, and too stupid, apparently to express my interest. I guess if I don't change that quick I will be doomed

    Just today I had a converation with a fellow fading dub. We both work in a job where we are knocking on doors. Often we get women at the door who take care of the household financial and business matters. He seems to get the women who are all horny and trying to get him in the sack. Me, I dont. He says to me: "Snakes, you have done this job and not had a hit in over 2 years? You must be blind. Those women are sending you signals and you are not picking up on it." But it seems to me a lot of my female customers do like talking to me. Hmmmmm...

    This other fellow could easily have bed quite a few customers if he wanted. Won't be long before he and his wife are divorced I figure. (not because of the customers, other reasons). Believe me, we have some hotties that come to the doors, in various stages of undress (and in the case of some of his customers, completely undressed)

    I don't want to hook up with a customer that is being that blatant...if she is doing that with me, who else? postman, UPS guy, milk delivery guy (yes we have those here), FEDEX, DHL...nah, never mind...

    Snakes ()

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