How Many Here Got Depressed Once You Realized It Wasn't The "Truth"?

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  • Awakened07

    It never bothered me too much that the WBTS were wrong. It had a much greater impact on me when my research brought me to loosing faith in any god or afterlife at all. On one hand all that I have learned in the last couple of years is fascinating and makes a lot of sense to me, but on the other hand, to have your whole life turned upside down when you learn that there is no eternal life; that was tougher. I wouldn't say I've been depressed (although I may be in denial about that), but I did feel down and was suddenly afraid of death for a while. I won't describe how it manifested itself in detail, 'cause it could potentially influence others into getting the same feeling. But it was rather bad - fortunately only for a couple of months(!). Well - not that I'm 100% fine about it yet, but it's not really a problem anymore either. I have learned to cope with it. I have never been one who's easily addicted to anything, so even in my lowest low I never drank too much or used any kind of drugs. But I can understand those who do, if they're inclined to do so.

  • oompa
    oompa: I tried booze, therepy, and meds

    Minimus, therepy did not help. I have a good reason to be depressed. None of those really close to me have the same principle thing in common with me anymore. If I continue to share info, soon, none of them will have anything at all to to with me which is just about like that now. Even my immediate family is pretty estranged.

    the truth hurts....oompa


    Still working through it, JWD has made it easier.

    The paradise hurts. I've lost a brother and a son.

    The truth about the truth (false) has set me free. I like that . I like it a lot.

  • RisingEagle

    I guess I would have been considered depressed if I had taken the time to see a medical professional. I spent a long time hearing the mantra, "where else will you go, where else will you go" in my head. I'll also admit to spending some time under the alfluence of incohol. I feel the only thing that brought me out was just time. I probably would have gotten my head back together more quickly if I had others to bounce my feelings off of on sites such as JWD.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    after i figured they were full of it, my mind was at peace.

    That's actually how I felt as well. There was always a lingering doubt in the back of my mind that it might still be the truth. Once I found out the truth about them, it was actually quite liberating.

  • nvrgnbk

    This is for oompa!

    I hear ya, man.

    When my insane mother that really should be on meds told me that I was leaving the organization because i needed medication, I told her...

    my problem with the organization is informational, not clinical!

    We were lied to, there's no pill for that.

    Chin up, brother.

  • flipper

    I feel for those who got depressed realizing it wasn't the truth. I didn't get depressed because of finding out it wasn't the truth. Like you Minimus, I had suspected that for years. I had doubts and it was a slow burn for me. That's why when I left, I never went back. However the thing that really hurt me and still gets me depressed at times, is my daughters 20 and 19 not really having anything to do with me , because of leaving the org. That is what troubles me. And how they are decieved. As far as not realizing it was the truth, I felt like I had been freed from prison, let out of my chains, so to speak. But I have had close friends and relatives deal with depression, and I totally understand it

  • shopaholic
    But deep down inside, in spite of doubts, i really hoped it was true.

    I can relate to this. I didn't know what was going on with me but I had lost all motivation to do anything when I found out the truth about the "False". I hit a real low. I finally went to the doctor because I thought something was physically wrong with me and I was told that I was depressed. No meds were prescribed as I was told I just needed time and to talk about my feelings. I'm a lot better now and yes, JWD has been great therapy for me. My little world was flipped upside down and I wasn't prepared for it. I had questions like "what now, whats the point, its all a lie".

    I realized it was part of the healing process and it helped me understand just how much control the FDS had over my mind. I still have down moments but things are a WHOLE LOT better. Various reading, listening to audiobooks, working with a local charity and tossing out my field service clothes have helped a great deal.

  • Honesty
    How Many Here Got Depressed Once You Realized It Wasn't The "Truth"?

    Not me...

    I was relieved.

    I suspected something just wasn't right with all the "Faithful Slave" adoration.

  • R.F.

    There were so many other things going on in life that had me depressed at the time that I realized it wasn't "The Truth". I'd have to say that realizing that was one of the bright lights in all that I was dealing with.

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