How Many Here Got Depressed Once You Realized It Wasn't The "Truth"?

by minimus 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Were you extremely saddened or in despair once you realized you'd been duped???

  • bigdreaux

    i was estatic. even though i always had doubts, i always had the what if they are right syndrome. after i figured they were full of it, my mind was at peace.

  • nvrgnbk

    Yes, minimus.

    Horribly sad and depressed.

    In despair.



    It's still hard sometimes.

  • minimus

    Nvr, I'd never have guessed.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That's like asking if your shorts stink after you shat in them. ;-)

  • IP_SEC

    It was hard to believe there was no pair o' dice coming. That kinda sucked for a while. Im over it now.

  • minimus

    I never got depressed. As the years went by, I started figuring out it was all bull. But I never was in despair over it.

  • oompa

    Minimus, I only hope everyone decides not to post here that was depresed when this was discovered. It has been two years for me, and unfortunately I only found this place a few months ago. I tried booze, therepy, and meds-and still use the meds. My whole little world is busted wide open, and unfortunatly virtually ALL of my family/friends are now like aliens to me,or I to them. It is like the Twilight Zone.

    If not for the isolation thing, and feeling defrauded my whole life, I could probably be happy about the new freedom from fear.

    nothing is the same....oompa

  • nvrgnbk

    Really, minimus?

    I'm being sincere.

    I've always been a joker, and always had a good time and pushed the envelope.

    But deep down inside, in spite of doubts, i really hoped it was true.

    Today I'm feeling pretty down.

  • minimus

    OOMPA, it sounds like professional therapy could help.

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