Describe How A Jehovah's Witness Thinks

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  • minimus

    What goes through a Witnesses' brain?? When they see a loved one die---what goes thru their brain??

    When a non JW tells them about their fun filled weekend, what goes thru a Witnesses' thoughts?

    If they choose to pioneer and not go to college, what do they REALLY think??

    Basically, what's the big difference between a Jehovah's Witness brain and a "worldly" person's brain??

  • cara dulce
    cara dulce

    To my knowledge JWs are not permitted to think.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I think dubs think of what others would think. As for the worldly person me and another person had a private conversation about this. How worldly people usually just as happy. Dubs though think that it's a "fleeting" happiness. Since they are always "running" towards happiness, how could they possibly understand that we really are happy? I personally never thought like a dub. I do though know how my Mom and other friends think. Personally as silly as this sounds it's just more convenient not to think about it when a worldly person tells them they are happy.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    You're asking the impossible minimus. JWs thoughts are governed by the wts, like the rest of their lives.

  • saywhat29

    Yeah, i agree with all of you- it's a blend of not thinking since everybody can see you and might report you if you ever have a "bad thought"- very BIG Brother. I mean have you ever seen a "questionable" movie and wondered if someone might have seen you- or were at a place and ran into a witness who would wonder about what you were doing there and felt the need to explain yourself? It's like this need to constantly look over your shoulder in case anybody sees you or reports you. And then- don't forget about Sky Daddy, Ms. Jehovah- I mean I would feel like the most disgusting thing ever when I was younger for doing the five-finger jive knowing that the Almighty was watching me and that one day someone would find out. It was insane- one time I thought that this book a brother had given me had a microscopic-camera in it and he could actually see what I was doing in my room... talk about paranoia.

    As for when a Witness hears about your holiday/weekend/life they usually have to file it away in their brains as unholy or demonic and figure how sad your are for not knowing their God, and how you may be having fun now but they will be having fun for forevah!

  • tula

    It reminds me of the Egyptians. The seemed to always focus on the "after life" instead of appreciating what they had in front of them. All that time spent building pyramids, and mysterious techniques and elaborate process of embalmbing. Each organ carefully extracted and put in a jar. Layers of soaked material to preserve the corpse. Tons of "stuff" to accompany them in the afterlife buried with them. And in some cases of the nobility, their slaves were killed at masters time of death to be sent with them into the next world. Spent more time consumed with death rituals than life.

    I think JW's are living in a fantasy world with thoughts always on the next life. Escapists, I guess.

  • OnTheWayOut
    To my knowledge JWs are not permitted to think.

    That was the best answer, but for the discussion to blossom, I will offer more.

    In many instances, JW's thoughts are controlled. They are controlled by
    conditioning. When someone dies, they think, "Now they can be resurrected, so
    they are better off than those that will die at Armageddon." That's not really
    using your own emotions and concern, that's controlled training.

    When a JW decides to pioneer and forego higher education, that's training, not
    thinking. Between fear of destruction at Armageddon, or feelings of urgency to
    "save" people from the same, JW's decide because their minds have been warped.

    The difference between a "worldly" person's brain and a JW's brain is this-
    The worldly person is influenced by various concerns when decisions are made.
    The JW is influenced to put WTS first and foremost when any decisions are made.


    Ask them what they think - they don't know, they have to look it up(do research).

  • VM44
  • WTWizard

    They put everything through the directions provided by the Puketower Society. If that organization tells you something is wrong, it is BAD and anything connected to it has to be avoided. Thus they are afraid of Christmas songs and ornaments, anything that could lead to sex (no matter how far fetched), anything slightly suggestive of sex, words that are mildly offensive or in some cases not offensive at all, materialism, and the like. They will not go to sports because they are programmed to think of them as violent. They will not do sports in school because they are afraid of "bad associations", drugs, and sex. They will not join a choir for Christmas or patriotic music.

    Later, they will not join college campus. Lately, they are cracking down on college itself. They are afraid of worldly people because they are all scumbags that are going to die soon and are intent on taking you down with them. They do not like any custom that is semi-normal. They take every news event and tell people how it means the end is nigh. All because of the way the literature is written up.

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