I came to a realization just now, how about you?

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  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Great post!

    I didn't enjoy one thing either!! In fact, I am bitter about the fact that my whole entire childhood and teenage years were riddled with guilt, fear, and strict confines. I hated door to door, I was so scared someone from school would answer the door and they would have more reason to make school life difficult for me. I hated all the rules!! And the hypocrisy too. I hated how if my skirt was knee-length, people would gossip and my Dad was talked to about it after the meeting. I hated how right after you graduated from school it was basically expected that you would pioneer...and in the summer too during school years.

    I did enjoy some of the friendships I had but was very angry and hurt that when I started to fall away they all just abandoned me.

    Basically I am so glad to be gone, I have never looked back!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Welcome to the Board Emy!!!

    If there is an area for newbies, could someone point me to it?

    The "Best of" section has a lot of excellent threads worth reading.

    Another hint if you want to interact in somewhat "real time" is to click on "Active Topics" and check out the posts that are getting the most responses.

    When I was first getting started here, if a poster sounded interesting to me, I would click on their username and then on "Topic History" to get a feel for what their background is.

    OK. JWD 101 tutorial is over. Feel free to ask "dumb" questions about getting the best out of this site. We're pretty friendly here.

    Open Mind

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I totally agree even after pioneering for 4 years I hated it.

    Dobby love the new avatar.

  • Sunspot

    I DID have a couple of very sweet friends that obviously will not associate with me now.....and I miss them and wonder how they are doing.....but other than that, I miss NOTHING at all that WAS "the Watchtowerworld".



  • flipper

    In the old days, perhaps 70's and early 80's the witnesses where I lived used to have big informal get togethers, like 40 or 50 at a park for baseball, picnic, caused people to feel more connected to one another. But that had changed by the mid 80's I think they got paranoid because of the individual get togethers and research people would do, and the big explosion in Bethel in the early 80's.

    So the governing body of course ,took it to extremes and discouraged big gatherings of people thinking they could control them more. Well, it worked on the witnesses and thereby you see an extreme disconnect between their own people, and everybody is paranoid about getting together now. So sick ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • jaguarbass

    Being a Witnoid is like the Huckleberry Finn story where Tom Sawyer charged his friends and apple so they could paint his fence for him.

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